Where in the World are We? A Recap

It’s been another whirlwind year for Sharkman and Mantagirl always in search of the next great world destination and of course, the perfect dive!

Our year started with Mantagirl’s 50th birthday celebrated on a gorgeous speck of island called Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun. The island, home to the largest gathering of whale sharks in the world, has become a very special place for us and a home away from home.


From there we headed out on a six week around the world odyssey which included plenty of time exploring the reefs of both Thailand and the Philippines. To be honest, we were not impressed with the diving in Thailand. It was crowded with people instead of fish and the country dropped quickly to the bottom of our list of dive destinations. However, the Philippines moved quickly to the top and became our Spring 2014 destination of the year!

on the list...Around the World, just completed!

Around the World in Six Weeks

With years of experience working on the WindStar ships, we had become close friends our Filipino crew so arriving at the airport in Manilla already felt like home. The genuine warmth and easy friendship of the people was only matched by the fantastic diving. Dumaguette is a world class macro location and we marveled at the weird and wild critters we discovered during a week of easy diving. We also found incredible reef diving across the channel on the island of Balicasag and the magnificent thresher sharks of Malapascua captivated our hearts. The Philippines is a not to be missed adventure. Join us in April!

Fish Name: Wonderpus a small very well camouflaged octopus until he shows you his true colors.  His cousin, the mimic octopus can imitate the shapes of stingrays, snakes and other creatures to fool predators.

Fish Name: Wonderpus
a small very well camouflaged octopus until he shows you his true colors. His cousin, the mimic octopus can imitate the shapes of stingrays, snakes and other creatures to fool predators.

Springtime always means getting our house ready for the rental season. This year has been a banner year and hundreds of people have enjoyed the views, the wildlife and the hot tub in our mountain top retreat. Everyone that is except for us! We’ve been on the road since May and in fact, are still on it!

Summer means whale sharks and once again we headed to Isla Mujeres to enjoy the hospitality of our Mexican amigos, the whale sharks, the multi-million dollar villas and the company of you, our global dive friends! But Isla Mujeres wasn’t the only place we explored in Mexico. After a fifteen year hiatus, we revisited our old haunts on the island of Cozumel and thoroughly enjoyed the diving again.

As Summer rolls into Fall, we head to the parks. We announced earlier in the year that we have teamed up with the fabulous company of Abercrombie & Kent and will be running numerous tours for them. This fall we are back in the old stomping grounds of Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the Southwest National Parks for A&K. But as well, our first ever GLOBAL DIVE Yellowstone/Grand Teton Adventure is underway as we speak! You said, “Hey, why have you never taken us to the parks?”. We listened!

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We also listened when you said, “We want BIG sharks!” In just a couple of weeks, Global Dive will launch our first ever foray into the cages as we take an adventurous group to Guadalupe Island on the fabulous Solmar V to not only encounter the great white shark, but to be the first to receive Sharkman’s NEWEST PADI Specialty Certification, Great White Shark Diver!image cage diving with great white - Google Search

Recently Abercrombie & Kent secured a license to run People to People programs in Cuba and we received the nod to run those trips. So beginning in early October you’ll find Sharkman and I hablo-ing some español down south of Miami for six tours! Cuba is a dream destination for us and while at the moment the trip is not under the water……that may change….stay tuned!

And don’t forget Turkey Day in the Tropics! Our 14th annual trip will happen on the island of Cozumel in a stunning villa! The largest and most glam on the island! At this point there is a waiting list for this extravaganza so next year be sure to book early!

The year will round out for Mantagirl with a trip to China to visit her brother’s family who live in Beijing and Shanghai while Sharkman will take an exploratory looksie over in India to see what’s happening over there.

Somewhere around New Year’s we’ll revisit home in Montana, put a fire in the fireplace and put our feet up…..content with another year of adventuring with our Global Dive family of friends! Oh yea, and figure out the light switches again……







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