We Need More Holidays – Do You Agree?

We need more holidays

As I sat this year and reflected on Thanksgiving I decided that we as a species need more holidays. I don’t mean more times of stressful get togethers with old Aunt Mildred, I mean more time to celebrate life, more time to stop fretting about the small stuff and truly rejoice in the wonder of being alive on an amazing, awe inspiring planet.

Choosing Not To Celebrate

One of my friends recently adopted a new religion. They don’t celebrate anything. They don’t even make joyful, glass clinking toasts to the joy of living. I feel quite sad about that because I believe we need to do it MORE. I believe that if we took more time to revel in the breathtaking world we live in, instead of stressing about it, we would be a happier, more peaceful planet.

Adventurers Celebrate Every Day

Then I connected this thought to the world of adventure. Because that’s what I do. I connect everything to adventure. I realized that adventuring is a form of celebration. That every day we are out exploring and discovering the world, we are celebrating and appreciating it.

For the past 13 years, Sharkman and I have taken a group of divers to different Caribbean islands for a week of diving during the US Thanksgiving holiday. We spend the entire week diving, exploring new places under the water, celebrating the joy of the ocean and the joy of life. I’ve literally spent years of my life underwater in the Caribbean and even on this past trip I found at least three new critters I had never seen before. That’s reason to celebrate in itself!

celebrating life every Thanksgiving week in the Caribbean

Every time we discover something new about our planet we have reason to celebrate and feel joy. As adventurers we are constantly celebrating holidays like these:

  • Make a new friend day
  • Hike a new trail day
  • Discover a new culture day
  • Eat a new food day
  • Paddle a new river day
  • Dive a new dive site day
  • Learn a new word in a different language day
  • See a new monument day
  • Dance a new dance day

I don’t mean that every time we make a new friend we close up shop for a week and go party our brains out. I mean that new experiences give us cause for happiness and a celebratory feeling that we should all experience each and every day.

the adventure couple

celebrating the discovery of life every day

I just thought of this. What if we had an actual Make a New Friend Day….and we all went out into the street and met our neighbors…wouldn’t THAT be a cool holiday? We could even make it a half day holiday so the workaholics can get on with it. But wouldn’t it make you feel happier for that one day to have met a new friend?

the adventue couple

Celebrate Make a New Friend Day


Some of the Greatest Adventurers of All

All this mishmash of thought was rolling around my head at 5:00am this morning and then my brain made some weird, yet coherent connection back to Thanksgiving. My eureka was the realization that some of the greatest adventurers of all times were the pilgrims who made their way across the Atlantic ocean to the new world to carve out a life in a place that held the unimaginable. The one thing they knew was that it was all unknown.

I would think that successful crops and the realization that perhaps they would survive in the new land was a great reason to stop, give thanks and celebrate.

And we should do this more often. That’s the whole point to my rambling here. We should stop, be thankful and celebrate. We should have more holidays to simply be joyous. There is no quota on how much joy we can have in life.

I hope that you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday whatever you did. I hope that you did find cause to pause and celebrate life. I hope you had a grand adventure!


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