We All Pick Up Dog Poop

We’ve been home now 6 days after traveling 4 1/2 months. The laundry is finally done (though not all put away), the house is clean, the outdoor living areas prepped for winter and the doctor appointments done for now. The first wave of “getting home” is finished. I’m just now feeling like I’m back.

Then what happened?

I read a great comment on our last blog from Tim. Tim was conferring on the point about asking ourselves if our dreams are big enough. He said that while Felix Baumgartner was getting ready to sky dive out of a balloon at 128,100 feet on October 14th, he was in the backyard picking up dog (sh@t). He said someone had to do it.

the adventure couple

The point is that while we strive each and every day to live adventurously and make the most out of every single moment in life, there are going to be down times. I don’t mean sad times, I mean that at some point, someone has to stop and pick up the dog poop.

And when it’s your turn to have that day or that week or even that month with the garbage bag in the backyard, someone else is always setting off on their dream, or sky diving from a balloon. And that’s what makes it hard. But it also can make us inspired!

The reason this came up today was twofold. The first was Tim’s comment. The second was reading on Facebook that a friend of mine had just arrived in Asia to spend a month diving in one of my favorite places on Earth! I was instantly envious and asked myself, “Why was I driving to Costco and the post office today instead of flying to Asia?”

the adventure couple



OR ???????





It’s wasn’t about being jealous (very different from envy) and it wasn’t that it “wasn’t fair” that he was there and I wasn’t. It was about the fact that this day of my life wasn’t spent in my ultimate passion, it was spent running errands.

But I realized that damn, I was tired from my travels and needed to go to Costco and the Post Office and then sit on my own couch in front of the fire. I’m not quite ready to jump up and go again for at least another week.

The important thing to remember throughout all of these feelings, is to keep the main thing the main thing. To keep the dream alive and moving forward. To have short term goals that reach long term accomplishments. To keep progressing towards your own Mt. Everest. To keep your eye on the prize even when you have a “Costco” kind of day.

It’s something I have to remind myself of every day that I spend unpacking instead of packing or cleaning out the garage or scrubbing the toilet. Yes, even the adventure couple cleans the toilets at home, not very adventurous, but part of life.

We don’t have a dog so we don’t actually pick up dog poop. But you get the drift.

My goal in writing this is to remind us all to give ourselves a break. That because October 14th was Felix’s day to own the universe, it’s okay if it wasn’t yours, or mine.

But what is not okay to use it as an excuse to keep picking up dog poop and not push forward towards the dream.

And perhaps my other goal in writing this is selfish. The concept of not “living the dream” every single moment of every single day is something I struggle with terribly. I will go and go and go like the EverReady Bunny until ultimate collapse. Life is short and I am not always okay with even one day of slow down.

But it is part of life, so I’m learning.

And for all of you who had amazing, incredible, life affirming days living your passion, leave a comment and tell us about it! Because it inspires us all and moves us towards the next dream…after we finish cleaning up the backyard.



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