Villa Chillin’ & Whale Sharks- A Field Report

Ha, I truly don’t feel like I am writing from the “field”, more like from the lap of luxury.

Sharkman and I are always looking for the next greatest way to add something special to our diving adventures. Recently, we’ve discovered the villa experience and it’s getting rave reviews!

 The Culprit

At the moment, I’m writing this from our 10,000 sq foot 6 bedroom villa on the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Out front the infinity pool stretches to the edge of the ocean, the pool and the water the same color, Caribbean blue. The guests had an amazing morning of diving and snorkeling, lunch prepared by our private chef and now a nap, relaxing in the pool, or more snorkeling off the villa’s private dock.

live adventurously

10,000 sq ft villa exclusively for our guests

This IS the way to go.

We debated the list of upscale hotels, stayed in a few to check them out and found a couple of possibilities. But then, we thought we would check out the villa scene, a more exclusive option. We were not disappointed.

live adventurously

Villa view

Guests Quickly Become Friends

One of the most enjoyable reasons to rent a villa is that all of our guests become friends quickly through the sharing of public space while still having the privacy of their own large bedrooms. The guests gather in common areas to enjoy a margarita, watch the day’s underwater footage or hang by the pool. The only noise is what we make, it’s our choice to put on music or not, there are no screaming children playing marco polo and we can have a private sunset happy hour any night of the week.

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Spend your $$ on the Place Not the Beer

We have a common refrigerator we stocked with drinks so a beer is whatever it costs at the local supermarket and not a six dollar rip off. We hired a private chef who is a ton of fun. He cooks a menu of our choosing at the time we want and eat where we wish.

Private Dock

One of the BEST things about this particular villa is the private dock on the water. Our dive boats pick us up each day and drop us at our doorstep. In fact, most of the dive sites are so close, we gear up on our own dock, hop in the boat and hit the water within minutes. Who could ask for anything more???  Or perhaps a private massage?

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massages on the private dock

 Swimming with Senor BIG!

Well, how about whale sharks? The purpose of this adventure is swimming with the biggest fish in the ocean. Every summer, whale sharks by the hundreds gather offshore this tiny Mexican wonderland to feed on the spawn of bonita. They skim the surface with gaping mouths sucking in the tiny eggs and filtering them through gigantic sieves. By positioning the boat just in front of them, we can slide in on snorkel (scuba is not allowed) and swim along side these ancient behemoths. It’s a magnificent glimpse into the lives of one of nature’s most gorgeous animals.

diving mexico

Mantagirl and the 35′ whale shark

This trip we’ve created a smorgasbord of activities to give everyone a taste of it all, snorkeling with the whale sharks, scuba diving the local reefs and wrecks, enjoying the local scene in the small town and 6 star villa chilling.

I can’t imagine a finer way to spend a week. Perhaps we’ll make a name change, How about Global Diving and Villa Chillin’ Adventures……kind of has a ring to it!

Perhaps it’s time to check out dates for 2013?? Who wants to join us?

live adventurously

sunset salute from the infinity pool

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  1. Chuck Rylant August 11, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    I didn’t hear about the private chef until now. How fun. Great picture with the shark!

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