Using Your Adventurous Mind, Principle #2

Six Principles of Using Your Adventurous Mind

Number 2- Care More About DOING than HAVING.

Yesterday, my blog post explored the concept of Using Your Adventurous Mind.  I proposed six principles to help you live a life “off the couch” and “outside the box”.  My first principle is Cultivating the Ability to Think Outside Your Area Code.  My second principal explains the idea of Caring more about DOING than HAVING.

This doesn’t mean that having an adventurous life is synonymous with being poor or not having any material things.  This is about the attitude of doing instead of having.  I see this part of life in two distinct ways.

If you care more about having then you will spend your life in one place and bring things to you.  You will surround yourself with the comforts that isolate you from experiencing the world outside of your backyard.  If you care more about having, then you will strap yourself with a big mortgage on a big home, buy a boat, a plane, a nice car and a closet full of this year’s fashions.  Now, there are an elite few who have all this and can still afford the adventurous life but that’s certainly not the norm.  So, now that you have accumulated all this “stuff”, you are tied to payments and a physical space by these “things”.  You must stay at your job and hope you don’t get laid off so you can pay for all your toys.  You have now become a slave to your things.  It’s a vicious circle.  Now, if you decide you want to take a vacation and travel, you must be sure you can afford both and you must hurry back from your travels to get back to work to pay for your stuff.

But what if you cared less for the stuff and more about experiences. Then you don’t end up pulling things into and isolating your life, but rather, you go out and GET experiences and broaden your world.  Perhaps you can live in a more modest house and not have the latest fashions or a shiny new car every year.  But, everything is paid for except your manageable mortgage.  Now, you can take your money and DO something with it.  You’ll have an amazing experience and when you get home, you can enjoy the memories for a lifetime and not worry about the next payment.

What are some ways you can figure out if you care more about doing rather than having?

1. Take the Monday test. Pretend it’s Monday morning and you have a full year off.  Money, time and other responsibilities are no object.  What would you do?  Surprisingly this is not an easy question for many people to answer.  Do you find yourself saying you would buy a fancy car and stay at home and work?  Doubt it.  Get into your self and think long and hard on this.  You may just find your passion there and you will most likely find that it has nothing to do with owning things but experiencing things.

2. Make a list of ALL the things you want to accomplish in your life
.  I would guess that many of them have nothing to do with material things.  I bet it’s a long list and I bet that you couldn’t accomplish them all in one lifetime.  I would also guess that buying a 25’ boat is not on that list.  If it’s not, then why did you buy the boat and now are strapped with 10 years of payments you can’t get out from under?

Now, what if you took this a step further?  What if you lived your LIFE, not just your VACATION, for experiencesWhat if you thought about life with the end goal in mind?  What if you decided what experiences you wanted in life FIRST and then figured out a way to pay for them, rather than getting a “JOB” and then in your “spare” time (a couple of weeks a year) tried to cram in your life.

Yes, it seems backwards.  But who says I have to work 40 hours a week for 40 years to THEN get what I want in life.  What if I DECIDED what I want and then figured out how to get there and do it.

NOW you are beginning to think using the adventurous mind.

Your ability to honestly live this principle often goes hand in hand with the your ability to accomplish principle number three which we will explore in my next post, Cultivating the Ability to Discard What Others Think of You.

To Your Adventures!


Juggling for village children in Indonesia. Doing for others.

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