Using the Adventurous Mind

Cultivating your Adventurous Mind.

Changing your outlook to change your outcome.

Thoughts from the middle of the Atlantic ocean

If you want to have a more adventurous life, a more “outside of the box” life, you must make changes.  You must do things differently, that much is obvious.  But what is perhaps not as obvious is that you must THINK differently.  You must activate your adventurous brain.

Here are six principles; six areas in your life you can cultivate, that will change your outlook which will in turn alter your outcome in life.

1. Cultivate the ability to think outside your area code
2. Care more about doing than having
3. Desire to live every day to it’s fullest in happiness
4. Cultivate risk
5. Cultivate the ability to discard what others think of you
6. Create a grand vision for your life

Cultivate the ability to think outside your area code.

It never occurred to me that this was not natural thinking.  From the time I was a small child, I was thinking globally. This was probably because my mother was in charge of the international program at the university in my town and we had students from all over the globe in my home on a consistent basis. I was nine years old on my first trip to the Caribbean and twelve when I reached the shores of Europe. The world has always been my neighborhood. By my early teens, I was begging my parents to take me to the weekly travelogue shows on Saturday nights, where I could see slides and hear stories from intrepid world travelers.  Whether they traveled to a different state or a different country, to a pre-teen, it was magical.

Then, just last year I had a conversation with my brother in law, Sam.  Sam told me that he had always envied our family’s ability to think beyond “home town”.  I asked what he meant because it puzzled me.  He explained that it never ever occurred to him to live anywhere else but Cincinnati, Ohio or to search for employment or fulfillment beyond the city limits.  I was stunned.  It never occurred to me not to. In fact, I had always measured my own success in life by how far away from the nest I could get. Neither one is right or wrong, just a different way of thinking.  I was raised to go and do but many are raised to bloom where they are planted.  Think about yourself and how you were raised.

However, if you desire a life of cultural diversity, of traveling to the great beyond, of exploration on far shores, then you need to immediately begin to think outside of your area code.

Take a look at the life you’ve created for yourself.  Who are your friends?  Who do you work with?  Is your company local or international?  How many languages do you speak?  Do you pursue diversity in your daily life?  Do you seek out new hobbies, new friends and revel in other’s opinions?  Or do you call the same friends every weekend to meet at the same pub and trade around the same girlfriends?

Here are a few suggestions to help you begin to think outside your area code.

1. If there is a university in your town, find out what programs are going on that will show you something different about the world.
2. Seek out friends of different nationalities.  This could be as simple as going to an ethnic restaurant in your town and striking up a conversation.
3. Learn a new language.
4. Get involved at work in anything international.
5. Begin a supper club with people from different countries and cook for each other.
6. Take up a new hobby that is popular in another country.
7.Follow an international sport like Soccer instead of NFL.
8. Learn Geography.
9.Pick a country and research it on the internet.
10. Subscribe to an international newspaper and learn what goes on beyond your own border.

These are just a few quick ideas off the top of my head that can begin to help you think on a more global basis.  The more you immerse yourself and learn the more excited you will become to get out and experience a bigger picture life.

Stay tuned!  When I have internet access again I’ll post principle number two!

To Your Adventures!


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