Using the Adventure Mind, Principle #5, Desire to live every day to it’s fullest in happiness

Cultivating your Adventurous Mind.

Changing your outlook to change your outcome.


If you want more adventure in your life you need more adventure in your mind.  In order to take the step from “can’t”, “shouldn’t” and “afraid to” you need to change your outlook.  In this blog post series I am outlining 6 pinciples to helping you make the step.  If you missed the first four, here they are and you can go back and read them.

1. Cultivate the Ability to Think Outside your Area Code.

2. Care More About Doing than Having

3. The Ability to Discard what Others Think of You

4. Cultivate Risk in Your Life

Cultivating the ability to live under these four ideas in life will help you learn #5.

Desire to Live Every Day to it’s Fullest in Happiness

I firmly do not believe that in order to be happy we must “sacrifice”. As I have lived my adventure life, I am consistently asked by my father when I am going to “settle down and pay the piper”. My response is always the same, “Why would I EVER pay the piper if I don’t have to?”. Why can’t life be a joyous event? Why do we have this notion that we don’t deserve happiness unless we have paid, or sacrificed, or suffered…It’s simply NOT TRUE.

Choose happiness in your life. Choose a path which exhilarates your soul. Cultivate the desire to live every day to it’s fullest. WHO said you can’t?

There is NO rule that says you have to sacrifice


Stay away from the dream stealers and those who don’t want you to succeed. Surround yourself with people who will support you and lift you up.

Some Small Ideas to Help you Begin

As you begin to cultivate your adventure mind and plan ways to accomplish your greatest desires, bring happiness into your daily life in small ways. Here are some ideas.

1. Turn off the news. There is nothing more depressing than watching CNN rerun the same tragedy every forty five seconds for three days. When there is an important event that happens, trust me, you’ll hear about it. What happiness does it bring to your life to spend your day being bombarded by sensational, depressing stories?

2. Get out of routine. Just because it’s Tuesday, don’t think you have to cook tuna casserole. Try a new exotic dinner recipe…go wild!

3. Get Monday out of your mind. I have a friend who abhors Mondays. It is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I explained to him that if you hate every Monday in your life and live for 70 years, you’ve hated an entire decade of your life. Now that puts it into perspective!

4. Turn off the TV. This is beyond turning off the news. Do you want to LIVE your life or watch someone else’s on the tube? I often think that people watch TV because their lives are so uninteresting they can’t face living it. If you normally watch TV on Monday nights, turn it off and spend each Monday night learning something new. Not only will you learn something interesting that could lead to an opportunity but now you can look FORWARD to Monday. Become an ACTIVE participant in your own life.

5. Think. Allow your brain to go wild! Fantasize about what your life can be. Unless you take time to do this, you could be missing amazing creative ideas that simply don’t have time to blossom. Take time each day to relax and think. You will be surprised at how smart you are!!

6. Do something JUST for the fun of it. Anything, just do something because it makes you happy and for NO other reason.

Celebrate reaching the summit of a 20,000 foot peak in Nepal!


7.  Celebrate Everything!  Don’t forget the small stuff..there is no reason not to!!

Believe you can have happiness each and every day of your life and that you deserve it. When the mind is happy it can creatively begin to formulate a new, exciting and adventurous life for you.

So now, take the five principals outlined here and use them to learn my last principle…Create A Grand Vision for Your Life!  Check out my next post coming shortly.

To Your Adventures!



Live every day to its fullest in happiness!


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