Using the Adventure Mind, Principle #4, Cultivate Risk in your Life.

How much risk are you willing to take to lead an adventurous life?

Risk is not a bad thing, it’s simply an uncertain outcome…

If you want a more adventurous life, you need to cultivate your adventure mind.  In this post, I talk about my 4th principle to achieving this, which is to cultivate risk.  If you missed principle #3,  click here.  In order to think outside your area code, care more about doing than having and caring less about what others think, (the first three principals) you must also develop the ability of principal number four, the ability to take a risk.  If there was no possibility that the outcome of an event would be any different than complete success, there would be no risk, therefore no challenge. There would be no thrill in victory, no agony in defeat and no sense of accomplishment. There would be no purpose. It is only with risk that we feel alive.

We Need Risk to Add Vitality to Life

I’m not saying that you should jump off a cliff with no parachute. And I’m not saying that you must make your life so risky that you could parish at any moment. Hardly.  But I am saying that without some measure of it, life would cease to have vitality.

We risk every moment of every day. We speak with the risk that someone may not like what we have to say or might mis-interpret our intention. We get out of bed with the risk that the day might end in tragedy or for that matter end in blazing success. We risk all the time.

Up Your Risk Quotient

If you intend to live an adventurous life of travel and diversity you will probably need to cultivate and up the quotient of risk you are willing to accept. For me, I am willing to risk getting in a taxi in India or on a bus in Kathmandu. I am willing to get in the water with 200 sharks. For others they are not. You can travel the world in various states of insulation and take very little risk at all.  But little risk reaps little reward. What will be the risk of attempting to speak to someone in their own language? Being laughed at or mis-understood? Yes, but what of the reward of a possible life long friend and a connection to a culture? Does the reward outweigh the risk in your eyes?

You may need to up your risk quotient to live more adventurously


How Much Are You Willing to Risk to Live an Adventurous Life?

Think about risk and what level you are willing to take.  Are you willing to take the risk of quitting your job and buying a Bed & Breakfast in New Zealand that you’ve ALWAYS dreamed about? What if it doesn’t work out? So what. You might fail but you might also succeed. And there is zero percent chance of success without stepping into risk.

Where in your life are you not risking enough and paying the ultimate price of a safe, unfulfilled life? In your work?, your marriage? your dreams? your children?

Is it taking away from your happiness?  Think about it…Principal #5 in my next post will discuss the Desire to Live your Life to its Fullest in Happiness.

Till then, here’s To Your Adventures!


Life should be a great adventure…here’s to yours!

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