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Want to save a stack of MONEY and avoid a pile of HEADACHES?  Learn the pro strategies The Adventure Couple have used to travel to 110 countries & all 7 continents over the past 10+ years.

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What Top Travelers are Saying

TRAVEL LIKE A PRO is more than an entertaining read; it is a fabulous reference for even the most seasoned travelers. The list of resources, provided in the two closing chapters, “The BestTravel Apps” and “Important Travel Resources”, make this e-guide an essential reference for any traveler.

~ Jack Grove Ph.D, CoFounder of Zegrahm Expeditions

Who Should Buy This

  • Travelers who want to use detailed strategies to save a stack of MONEY.
  • Travelers looking for detailed steps to avoid a big pile of HEADACHES.
  • Travelers who want to learn how to fly for FREE (and nothing’s better than free!)
  • Travelers who want to put the FUN back in travel (wheeee!)

Who Should Not Buy This

  • The only person who couldn’t significantly benefit from this guide is someone who doesn’t travel at all.

What You Get

  • Save a stack of MONEY every year you travel, whether domestic or internationally. 


    • Learn how to source the best airfare to anywhere in the world (save $25 to $200 a ticket, or more)
    • Learn how to fly for FREE – and there’s NOTHING better than free (save $358, the average price of a domestic r/t ticket)
    • Learn how to eliminate foreign currency transaction fees you may not even know you’re paying (3% on all overseas purchases)
    • Learn how to eliminate airport parking fees. Who pays for that?  Seriously… ($8 to $25 per day)
    • Learn how to eliminate baggage fees. You’re not still paying those are you? ($25 to $50 EACH bag, EACH way on every flight)
    • Learn how to get reimbursed the difference if the price of your flight or hotel room drops after you book ($$$)
  • A downloadable PDF e-guide with 88 pages of our proven strategies to help you avoid a pile of HEADACHES = PRICELESS
  • 2 bonus, follow-up sessions showing you how to beat the airlines and hotels at their own pricing games and save even more $$$
  • Really cool travel photos to keep you inspired and having fun while reading it.  This baby is a page turner.
  • Pro travel tips from The Adventure Couple who live on the road over 300 days a year. 10+ years and counting.
  • The best travel apps, sites and resources.
  • A no questions asked, money back guarantee if you don’t save 3X or more the purchase price in the first year alone.
  • Eternal love & gratitude from The Adventure Couple; maybe the most important thing of all.

Why should you purchase Travel Like a Pro?

  • Save 3-10X the cost of the e-guide or more every year. You invest only once in the e-guide but save every year.
  • Who likes headaches and stress? Really?

What the Top Travelers are Saying

Travel Like a Pro

How did The Adventure Couple learn all these strategies? What have they done?

  • Over 6000 days of traveling and working as leading industry professionals. 100+ countries. Every continent.
  • Top expedition leaders working in the world’s most exotic, remote and difficult places.
  • Members of the prestigious Explorers Club.
  • American Airlines Ultimate Road Warrior.
  • Founders, Global Diving Adventures.

Want to save a stack of MONEY and a big pile of HEADACHES?

These are the exact strategies and tips we use.

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