The Power of Intention

Looking Back at Dreams

As 2011 comes to a close, it always makes Ridlon and I think back on the year. Like many people, we do a end of year review of what worked, what didn’t, what we accomplished and what lies ahead.

This morning Ridlon found a list of things we wanted to have, be or do that we wrote at some point in 2010. Considering they are major events/experiences or purchases, we were surprised at how many we could check off the “bucket list” since then. It’s not a yearly list but a continual, organic, dynamic document. And it is simply amazing how intention works. Once we write it down, put it on a dream board and open up to opportunity, how it all falls into place. Just for fun, here is the list. What is in red is what has been completed.


1.Purchase/learn Final Cut Pro editing software

2.Purchase lights for video system (did it but have to do it again!)

3.Train on a diving rebreather

4.Get our dry suit diving certification

5.Become a published author

6.Dive with whales

7.Stay at the ice hotel in Finland

8.Fly to London with our friend Lee at the helm (an AA pilot)

9.Dive the Sardine Run

10.Dive with the mantas in the Maldives

11.Do a Civil War battlefield tour with Dad (Ridlon)

12.Take a trip with our nieces and nephews

13.Climb the Seven Summits (ONE of seven summited so far)

14.Climb Mt. Rainier

15.Three month speaking tour for Ocean of Hope (our non profit)

16.Dive Raja Ampat for a month (headed back again in 2 weeks!)

17.Dive the southern Red Sea

18.Travel/Dive Cuba before it opens up

19.Safari in Africa

20.Climb Torres del Paine (Patagonia)

21.Argentina wine tour

22.See the sandhill crane migration in Nebraska

23.Swim with whale sharks using a biofin

24.Fly an Ultralight

25.Dive the cownose ray migration in Mexico

26.Take a luxury cruise with mom (Ridlon)

27.Costa Rica birding tour with brother and dad (Ridlon)

28.Hike the Great Himalayan Trail

29.Buy a red jeep

30.Dive Cocos Island (did it twice!)

31.Spend a season in Antarctica diving

32.Fly at Mach 2

33.Go into space (orbit)

34.Film a documentary

35.Speak at a Fortune 100 company

36.Have a personal assistant

37.Have a massage every day

38.Go to the bottom of the Marianas Trench

39.See polar bears and tigers in the wild

40.Dive with sailfish at Isla Mujeres, Mexico

41.Dive the Line Islands

42.Buy at Yeti mountain bike (Ridlon)

43.Do Ocean of Hope village projects

44.Dive Fakarava (again)

45.Round the world expedition (IN PLANNING for a July departure!)

46.Live in a foreign country for a year (non English speaking)

47.Dive with the Great White sharks of Guadaloupe Island

48.Learn to Kiteboard

49.Go to Greenland

50.Bike the Telluride/Moab trail


Put intention to work for you in 2012 and see what dreams you can make come true! I know by looking at this list, it CAN and WILL happen!


To Your 2012 Adventures!



keep a list of intentions you'll be amazed at what you accomplish

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