The Incredible Lightness of Summer

Hitting The Wall

Last week I hit the wall. I don’t mean I punched it or drove the car into it, I mean like a marathoner hits the wall. You run and run and run and somewhere around mile 22 you simply think you can’t go on. The idea of training to run a marathon is really as simple as pushing the wall beyond 26.2 miles, to cross the finish line in an upright position.

At this moment, it’s about pushing the wall one day beyond six months. I have a great adventure job cruising the world on a large yacht, showing people a good time in the water. My contract lasts six months. That’s 180 days of work without a day off. I get little sympathy for my “plight” because the view from the office window isn’t too shabby. But, everyone needs a break and mine will come in 18 days and 5 hours….but who’s counting right?

How Do You Remember Summer?

Part of the issue I’m having is summer. It’s the beginning of August and I have summer fever. As a kid, didn’t you love summer vacations? It’s a time for sitting on the porch, or lying in the grass with a library book (you know that “library book smell right?”). It’s lazy days driving with the windows down or sitting at the community pool gossiping with girlfriends and not caring that you didn’t put your watch on that day. It’s a bike ride and a slurpee and it’s dinner at the picnic table in the back yard at 9:00pm.

Remember that "summer feeling"?







Nothing like the back porch at the cottage in the summer









And that’s what I’m thinking about today. I’ve spent most of my free time this past week, holed up with silly books about family reunions and summer romances. I can’t seem to get the summer “feeling” out of my mind. I know it’s the season for corn on the cob and watermelon and peaches at my cottage in Ohio. I feel like a kid waiting for the last few weeks of school to finish so I can hightail it to my summer place of memories.

The Lightness of Summer

So I started to wonder about this “incredible lightness of summer”. And why is it that come September we feel the need to “buckle down”, “get back at it”, get into the grind again?  Why can’t we live all the time within this lightness of summer? I’m not saying be irresponsible or spend your whole life drinking slurpees, but I’m saying, how can we bring the attitude of summer to every day life? Why is there such a different mental attitude between the last day of summer vacation and first day of school?

How can you incorporate the fun of summer with the rest of the year…with the rest of your life…with day to day existence?

Just food for thought while you slurrrrrrrp that slurpee…..


To Your Adventures ….and my relaxation!


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