The Hidden Steps in Life Aren’t So Hidden

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Where Are You Stumbling in Life?

There is a single step in the lounge on the yacht I work on. Sometimes, people trip on it.

It’s not that it is hidden or hard to see. In fact, it is hard to miss because it is right out in the open and marked by a change from wood to blue carpet. Yet, people stumble on it on a fairly regular basis.

Today I was listening to some guests comment about the step after they saw another guest stumble on it. They said,

“You would think the yacht would have learned by now.”

Meaning that the yacht should have done something to make it more obvious than it already is. But I see things a little differently.

If you want to Live Adventurously, you’d better start paying attention. After all, that’s the whole point isn’t it? Not going through life like a zombie spectator. A big part of living adventurously is going through life with your eyes wide open and soaking in all the amazing experiences and places it has to offer. It also means getting out of the kiddie pool and diving into the ocean. You don’t do that when you’re running on autopilot and not paying attention. And you are sure to run into trouble if you expect the rest of the world to mark every step you might come across – especially when you travel outside the US.

Open you eyes, wake up your mind, pay attention to to life rather than running on autopilot and Live Adventurously. You’ll see the step and a whole lot more.

P.S. > I thumb typed this post on memopad on my crackberry as I watched the whole thing go down. Like it? Spread the McLovin by passing it along and commenting.

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