The Gift and the Curse of Adventure ~Thoughts from a Wanderlust

The gift and the curse of Adventure ~Thoughts from a Wanderlust


I’ve been home 27 days.. if you count today and the day I landed at the airport. About 22 days too long. Not that I don’t like home, in fact I LOVE my home. But when I’m home, I’m not traveling, simple as that.

My biggest fear is living an ordinary life.

My biggest fear is living an ordinary life

I abhor allowing even a single day to pass without some kind of adventure. Even as the world gets smaller, there is more to see and experience and learn than could ever be accomplished in one life. It’s like never getting to the end of the internet, you can never come to the end of adventure. This is why it’s both a gift and a curse. It’s infinite.

Many people say I’ve been lucky to do what I’ve done in my life. I will be bold here and say, no I’ve worked VERY hard at it. In fact, I’m obsessed with it. I’m always planning and thinking and scheming and figuring a way to the next plane ticket, the next “never been to” destination. And it never seems enough.

As the year 2011 winds down, I think about what I’ve done this year and I feel that I haven’t been very adventurous. Then Ridlon shakes his head and recounts the year.

“We began by watching an amazing New Year’s Eve 2010/11 night of fireworks, anchored in the harbor off Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia after spending a month diving Raja Ampat. From there we headed off for a week of exploring in Ubud, Bali. The bags were repacked within a week to go off in search of the hammerheads of Cocos Island, Costa Rica for two weeks. After a brief stop to visit our families in Ohio and Texas, we left barely two weeks later at the end of February for six months traveling back to Costa Rica and then by ship across the Caribbean and the Atlantic and finishing up in late August in Greece. We managed an entire three weeks back home before a month of exploration of Tanzania, Mozambique and S. Africa including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, diving and safari.”

Well, I guess when he says it like that, it’s been a pretty busy year.

Now, I’ve spent an entire 27 days at home….. sigh… I feel I’m living an “ordinary life” once again. I feel I’m wasting precious time.


Adventure is life giving oxygen

It makes me feel alive. It ignites my sense of wonder and encourages my sense of wander. I sit here today and wonder what people are doing in Uganda or who’s diving today in the Galapagos or who’s beginning an adventure of a lifetime? And every day I think I should be there.

When I am out adventuring I feel I have this gift I can’t hold in my hand. It’s sand through my fingers and so I need to keep digging back into the beach and refilling my hands. I need to live and experience it at each and every moment. Traveling and connecting with the world through people and culture and nature is the fabric of life and I am furiously weaving as fast as I can. It’s a rush of a lifetime.

Adventure is life giving oxygen


Really, I used to have a swing in my house

I used to have a swing in my house. Yes, a real swing and yes inside my house and yes, I had very high ceilings! And I used to swing on it every day, pumping my legs and reaching as high as I possibly could. The thrill of being at the top of the pendulum was exhilarating. Flying high, half out of control, in a state of constant movement was key. And in order to keep flying high, you have to continuously pump your legs and work towards it or else you will slow down and stop at the bottom… and when it stops it’s no better than simply sitting on a chair…. or living an ordinary life.

The dichotomy of adventure, the curse of the addiction and the precious gift…..


To Your Adventures,



27 days ago in S. Africa, time to go!


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