The Builder

architect of life

I remember driving around in 2008 at the height of the real estate crash looking at properties with a friend. There were foreclosures and abandoned houses all over the place. But from time to time as we drove, we would roll past a brand new house that was under construction. I was absolutely dumbfounded because builders were still building homes in what was the worst real estate market in decades. The odds of a home selling any time soon were just about none. And I asked my friend, why in the world a builder would still be building given the current economic conditions. And he replied,

Because he’s a builder and that’s what he knows to do.

And then I got it.

Not only is that all he knows to do but in his mind, the only way to make money is to build. So as illogical as it was in reality, it made perfect sense to the builder.

We all have our own thing like the builder that we default to even when it doesn’t produce the results we want. We go there because of habit, comfort or simply, because it’s what we know to do.

What are you defaulting to that is holding you back from the adventurous life you want? Leave your answer in comments below.

Don’t be constrained by dogma which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

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