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 Want an Adventure Travel Job?  Afraid of job security?  You’re not alone

Yesterday, I was having a chat with a chap in jolly ole’ England. He was explaining to me that he really wanted to step out into an adventure job but that “job security” was a stopping point. He was concerned about working a “contract” for a cruise line and then that would be it, dead end. A very real concern, especially these days. But it got me to thinking…….

 It’s a Network Like Any Other

Let’s just say…. you work as an admin. assistant in a dentist’s office. For some reason, you lose your job …but….since you know other admins in other offices simply through the line of work, you find your next job in the dental office down the road. Or… one of your patients is an MD and happens to be looking for an admin assistant. It’s a network…kinda like the world wide web, or a LinkedIn map (have you made a map of your connections yet? It’s really cool). Often you find your next job through your current one.

It’s the exact same thing in the adventure travel job world, no different than any other “industry” except that the jobs are way cooler and you get to travel across the globe.

adventure travel job

Working in Europe for WindStar Cruises


Here’s how I spun the adventure travel job web to make it work for me:

  1. I was working in a dive shop in St. Thomas back in 1988. There I met Tim, who had worked at Club Med. I was able to get a dive instructor job through him. At this point I was still single and Tim was cute….so it all worked out!
  2. At Club Med I met Tom, a friend of Ridlon’s (my future husband), who then went to work on a diving cruise ship and opened that door for Ridlon and I. Next thing you know, we went from lowly dive staff to management on board the ship.
  3. While working on that ship, Ocean Spirit, we met Ron and Dawna who were running a land based resort in Honduras. They went on to work for WindStar Cruises. Through them, WindStar became our home and job for the next 5 years.
  4. While working for WindStar Cruises, we met Robin Tauck. owner of Tauck World Discovery. Next job? Yep, worldwide tour directors for Tauck World Discovery.
  5. And with all of this great experience over a 10 year time frame, it gave Ridlon and I the skills and confidence to open our own company in 1998, Global Diving Adventures where we are today.
adventure travel jobs

This all led to our own company, Global Diving Adventures


And there you have it! The Adventure Travel Job Network! If you’re ready for an adventure travel job, take the step.  Want to learn more, check out our topics list “adventure jobs” on the home page.

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