The Adventure Couple – Tips on Traveling as a Couple and our Favorite Romantic Getaways

Today is our anniversary, over 23 years sharing dreams, successes, sweatshirts and spit. That’s over two decades of stealing the covers from each other, arguing over who’s a better racquetball player (ok, well he really is) and sharing bottles of red wine in romantic places the world over. In a nutshell, it’s been the best ride of our lives as partners in love, life and business. Best friends and confidants. Definitely soul mates. And…we can even travel together!

As the ultimate adventure travel couple,, we thought it an appropriate day to inspire other couples. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you and your loved one travel with more love in your heart and a list of some of our favorite romantic getaways.

Traveling as a Couple -DO’s

1. Plan places you both have an interest in going. You’d be surprised how often this doesn’t happen. It can create resentment on the vacation when he goes off fly fishing every day and she sits in the cabin in the woods bored to tears.

2. Add in a planned romantic activity at the beginning and end of the vacation. A couple’s massage, private dinner on your hotel room balcony or a rented sailboat for two. Do this at the beginning of the trip so you can get to know each other again. Do this at the end of the trip to seal the deal.

3. Leave time for serendipity. Often a vacation becomes hectic when you try to cram too much into it. The constant rushing can create tension even on vacation. Leaving in an extra day or two to explore something new you found along a way is fun and exciting.

4. Plan in something completely new. Often a couple’s vacation is a combo of what you like and what he likes. Pick something completely new to both of you that you can learn together. You’ll enjoy the success of a shared new adventure. Take a beginning scuba diving course, a cooking class, learn to rock climb or sail a boat.

5. Do silly things. When was the last time you and your spouse laid in the grass and picked out cloud shapes or built a sand castle on the beach together or wrote “I love you” in the sand?

Traveling as a Couple -DON”Ts

 1. Don’t rely on one of you to plan the whole trip. Two heads are better than one. You can be creative together on where to go, the mode of travel and the activities you want to do. You’ll both get excited and can add in special things you like. For example, you decide to go to Ireland. She may say, “How about we bike the hills for a day” and he may say, “Awesome, maybe we can stop and tour the Glenfiddich distillery?” This way you’ll know all the things the other wants to do and you can plan it all in….or not.

2. Don’t rely on one person to do the packing. Pack your own stuff. Really. There’s nothing worse than “I can’t believe you forgot to pack my…..”. A packing suggestion is the half and half method. Pack 1/2 of each person’s stuff in each checked bag. That way if a bag is lost you’ll each have 1/2 your gear.

3. Don’t Worry. Don’t sweat the small stuff on vacation. Go with the flow. Take the extra deep breath and relax rather than get mad because it doesn’t go exactly the way it’s supposed to go. Have some renewed flexibility.

4. Don’t do things together you know you know you shouldn’t. Sounds pretty obvious but here’s the point. Don’t plan a driving trip if you always argue over the route. If you can get lost together and laugh about it by all means go for it but if one of you can’t read a map and it irritates the hell out of the other, take the train! One thing we simply can’t do together without argument is kayak. So we just don’t.

5. Don’t forget the sexy stuff! Unless you are planning to climb a mountain, don’t forget to pack the sexy lingerie that’s been forgotten in the back of the home closet and the massage oil. And even if you are planning to climb a mountain, you’ll want to plan in an extra day or at the end to celebrate the accomplishment. Wink wink.

A Few of our Favorite Romantic Getaways-

1. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia. The essence of romance, rooms at this exclusive hotel on the mountainside have only three walls and are open to views of the famous Pitons. Each room has it’s own private indoor swimming pool and canopied bed. There is nothing more luxuriously sexy than this place. Oh yeah, and it comes with your own butler on call.

romantic getaways

3 walls and an indoor swimming pool, not bad!

2. Glenlaurel, A Scottish Country Inn, Hocking Hills, Ohio. Nestled in the woods and rolling hills of southern Ohio, this country Inn is a perfect anniversary love nest. Each private cottage (or croft) has an outdoor hot tub and indoor sumptuous fireplace. The intimate dining room has fabulous food in a quiet, candlelit atmosphere. There are great, quiet hiking trails around the Inn, perfect in the fall when the leaves change.

3. Any over water bungalow on Bora Bora or Moorea, French Polynesia. There are a number of phenomenal hotels on Bora and Moorea in French Polynesia featuring private, unparalleled romance over the blue waters of the South Pacific. You’ll have your own steps to the water for a late night skinny dip and tables where the tops come off for feeding the fish while inside your bungalow (called a Fare in the Tahitian language). You can even get room service breakfast delivered by outrigger canoe at most.

4. Vatulele Island Resort, Fiji. It’s been a few years since we stayed here but when we think romance, it pops straight to the front of our brain. First, your own 1500sq ft villa. Privacy? How about your own beach hut? Want a drink? Put a flag in the sand and the staff comes to take your order. You can have a private dinner in the wine cellar. Take anything off the shelf, it’s all included. For the most romantic daytrip, the staff will pack an incredible picnic and take you to a deserted island, aptly called Nooki Nooki and leave you there. When you’re ready to return call them on the radio. They will conveniently be a little late to be sure you get your clothes back on!

5. Or if your budget is a bit smaller, check out Wananvu Beach Resort, Viti Levu, Fiji. Rent one of the new hillside villas or the honeymoon villa #50 beachside. Each room has a private pool and canopied bed. Hilltop villas look out over the azure sea. This quiet resort is a great getaway for scuba diving spouses, romance and adventure rolled in one. If you want to drop the big bucks, rent the owner’s villa. Now THAT’s a great anniversary gift to each other.

romantic getaways

romantic getaways

Owner's Villa

6. Our House. Really. Come stay at our romantic log home on 23 acres with magnificent views in south of Missoula, Montana. Our hot tub, decks and fireplace are the most romantic thing going west of the Mississippi. We rent it out during the summer. Come on out for a couple of days.

And don’t forget…adventure trips can also be romantic!

Book a private guide to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. What an amazing feat to share together. Charter a sailboat for two for a week’s getaway snorkeling deserted isles in the Caribbean. Go on Safari in Africa with a private guide and sleep in the luxury of a “tented” site complete with Egyptian cotton sheets and a bit of the bubbly each night and Hot Air Balloon over the early morning Mara River. Romance and adventure can go hand in hand.  Or join us on a dive trip this year!

What are our plans for a romantic getaway this year?

For our 2012 anniversary, the globe gallivanting couple will be right here at home in Montana, our own romantic getaway. This means cooking our own steaks on the grill, sleeping in our own bed and paying normal retail price for our anniversary bottle of wine. This year, it sounds like Heaven.

To Your Romantic Adventures!

Mantagirl and Sharkman

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