The Adventure Couple ~ The Movie

Okay, well not really a full length feature film…perhaps some day.

But for now!  A movie trailer…..for your Thursday viewing pleasure.

Grab some popcorn…but only a handful …because it’s all going to be over in just 55 seconds!


(default quality is 240. Hit play, then change the settings button to the left of the “clock” to get a higher quality)

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One Response to The Adventure Couple ~ The Movie

  1. Larry St. james May 24, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    If anyone can coin a new word (adventuring) to describe their lifesyle, Mantagirl and Sharkman deserve to. This trailer is great, but I think the only way one could be able to actually see their feature film would be to share the ride with them. Get on board…

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