The Adventure Couple and A&K

We are teaming up with Abercrombie & Kent!

A&K, the leader in luxury travel

Sharkman and I are thrilled to announce that beginning in 2013 we will be working with Abercrombie & Kent to develop, implement and run their first ever North American “Connections” adventures.

“Abercrombie & Kent began in East Africa, where Geoffrey Kent was born while his parents, Valerie and Colonel John Kent, were on safari. British by birth, the Kents were drawn to the freedom and beauty of life in Africa, qualities that made a powerful impression on Geoffrey, who lived on the continent for most of his childhood. In 1962, he and his parents founded Abercrombie & Kent to allow visitors to experience Africa without compromise to either comfort or authenticity. The company’s beginnings were modest; as Geoffrey Kent fondly remembers; their first safaris were conducted with little more than “a Bedford truck and my mother’s sterling silver ice bucket.”

And from those humble beginnings, Abercrombie & Kent has grown to become the world’s foremost luxury travel company, delivering inspiring experiences in the world’s greatest destinations.”

the adventure couple

A&K, the leader in luxury travel

Today, Abercrombie & Kent has partnered with The Adventure Couple to develop and run their western national parks adventures. With a decade of experience guiding in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Mt. Rushmore, Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon, we bring our insider, local knowledge to the adventure. Our love in sharing that knowledge and inspiring others to step outside the status quo and experience the world in a different light makes working with A&K an excellent fit.

Guiding in the National Parks is near and dear to our hearts.

“I’m delighted that Carin and Ridlon are joining A&K’s team of local experts.” said Keith Baron, A&K’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth & Development  “They’re both passionate travelers who maintain extraordinary knowledge and experience, representing “the best of the best” among professional tour directors.  Our guests will truly appreciate their expertise, enthusiasm, service-mindedness, and overall sense of adventure.”

Entrepreneur v.s. J-O-B

There are many top bloggers who extoll the virtues of entrepreneurial pursuits as the sole way of living your dream life and working on your own terms. While we share the belief that entrepreneurship is a fantastic tool to create the life you want, we have also found that choosing not to build a business doesn’t mean you have to be tied down to cubicle nation.

For over a decade, we have used adventure  jobs as a staple source of income while building our own adventure company on the side. For us, the combination is ideal. By choosing the right adventure travel position you can live an exciting and fulfilling life and accomplish your own personal dreams. There are numerous, awesome jobs out there where you will love what you do every day. Working with Abercrombie & Kent is one of those.

The Plan

For about six months a year, we’ll have the opportunity to explore and teach about the natural and historical world of the western national parks – places near and dear to our hearts. And for the other six months, we have the freedom to focus on diving and climbing the world and writing about our adventures. We can choose to live for a month in Bali filming mantas or conquer the next mountain on the goal of reaching the top of all Seven Summits. We can spend quality time with family or explore the Amazon. We can kite ski across Greenland or spend three months working with children in Indonesia on ocean conservation projects. It’s totally up to us.

the adventure couple

filming mantas in Indonesia

the adventure couple

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

A&K: A Pinnacle in the Industry

Working with Abercrombie & Kent is a pinnacle in the adventure travel business. We are excited to combine our knowledge with their outstanding team to create the ultimate travel experience for their discerning guests and to have it as a core piece in our life/work strategy of creating an exciting and fulfilling life.

Adventure on!


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