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It’s been quite a week!  We are incredibly grateful to everyone who is supporting us in bringing the gift of adventure to the world and helping others find more adventure in their lives!

Within the past 7 days our accomplishments have grown!

  • Today we reached 450 likes on our Facebook site. Click HERE to like The Adventure Couple and get exclusive content.
  • Last Friday we made it onto the blog of Tim Ferriss, famed author of 4 Hour Work Week
  • We debuted (!) in Chris Guillebeau’s NY Times and Amazon best selling book, The $100 Start Up.  We’re on page 79.
  • Travel Like a Pro is selling like crazy!  What?  You don’t have a copy?  Save $$$ on travel and GET YOURS HERE.
  • Subscriptions to our blog are going up and up (You subscribed to get the blog to your inbox right?) Subscribe to free updates HERE.
  • Our second and third nominations for National Geographic Travelers of the Year have been submitted according the the spokesperson at Nat Geo.
  • Keep your fingers crossed Friday for the announcement of the finalists for Outside Magazine’s Adventure Travel Award.  We hope to add that to the week’s success stories!  That $10,000 will help us drive our a hearse off road trans-Australia while helping deliver needed goods along the way!
  • People just like you are downloading our FREE manifestos and creating more adventure in their lives!

Thank you to Jerry Braet who has submitted the latest nomination for The Adventure Couple:  If you would like to add a nomination, you can fill out the form via this link:  Nat. Geo Traveler of the Year

The Adventure Couple

I am nominating a husband and wife team that operates a travel adventure company; “Global Diving Expeditions.” They are appropriately named “The Adventure Couple.” I have known Carin and Ridlon Kiphart for over 15 years. They are truly worthy of being named “Travelers of the Year” by your fine organization. They have traversed the world many times over and have provided spectacular adventures both above and below the waves. Whether it’s diving Raja Ampat in 2012, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2011 or diving in Papua New Guinea, Palau, the Caribbean or Borneo in prior years; Carin and Ridlon have displayed a true explorer’s spirit with excellent knowledge of the cultures and areas we visited. They are divers, climbers, lecturers, explorers, and photographers who love the planet and its people. They have established a charity to help the indigenous peoples in areas they have visited. They promote our planet’s wonders and are eloquent spokespersons for protecting the environment. They put their travels to good use for the benefit of Mother earth.

I have been a fan of National Geographic for 57 years, having loved your magazine since my father began our subscription in the 50’s. Your image is one of excellence in both photography and journalism along with a great concern for our planet and its wondrous people and places. This dynamic couple represents the same excellence in their fields of endeavor that National Geographic does.

I hope you will consider Carin and Ridlon as worthy recipient of your Travelers of the Year award.


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