Thanks Dog!

Living an adventurous life makes for great cocktail conversation. Everyone wants to know, what’s next? Where are you going? What crazy mountain are you going to climb or how many sharks will you dive with this trip? They want to hear about the people that you meet…but no one asks about the dogs.

My love for dogs has spanned my entire life and across the globe. They just bring a smile to your face and in many places a tug at your heart. Some of my favorite travel dogs include:

Guitar Boy– I met this German Shepard in Dubrovnik, Croatia. He belonged to a man who was a street musician.  This 100 lb animal completely curled himself up in the man’s guitar case every day and watched the world go by along the cobblestone streets while his owner strummed away to buy him Alpo.

Little Black Dog stays warm on a pile of trash in Tibet

Little Black Dog- LBD (not to be confused with the black dress worn at cocktail parties) lives high on the Tibetan Plateau in the town of Tingri, Tibet. He’s not exceptional in that this town of about 2000 people has about equal the number of dogs, no truly! The dogs live on the street, sleep in the gutter and stay warm sleeping on piles of trash. LBD represented to me the fate of dogs in developing nations. Left alone to make his way in life, he was wary and shied away as I approached indicating he had been kicked around most of his sad life. By the end of my two day stay in Tingri, LBD trusted me enough to finally take the much needed food from my hand. Each night I left a bowl outside my hotel room. How it ripped my heart to leave him there.

Le Petit Pere– This beautiful mutt befriended us on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia. Every day when we returned from our dives, Le Petit Pere (the little father) was waiting on the porch of our bungalow to enjoy our attention…and our chips!

Wonderful animals have befriended me across the globe and I hope that I have been able to bring a bit of joy into their lives as well. After decades of travel, some of the place names and details begin to fade… but I remember all the dogs. Across the world the language of love between human and dog remains the same.

In honor of all the dogs I’ve fallen for over the years I travel with Milkbones to pass out to my four legged friends and have created a special gallery on our website for anyone to post photos of dogs they’ve met along the way. Please come and post them for if you ever are having a down day….click on the page and let these lovable animals bring a smile to your face. View Photos

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