Taking a Break from Carpe Diem – 50 Ways to Recharge

As the Adventure Couple we are firm believers in Carpe Diem, in living life to it’s fullest, in making the most of every day, every opportunity, allowing for serendipity, jumping in with both feet, taking the “E” ticket, and every other iteration of the cliche.

But it seems about once a year, as I look back at our posts, we write something about stopping to smell the roses along the way, about slowing down for an instant to take stock. It seems contrary to our message of getting off the couch and living adventurously but sometimes you simply have to breathe.

the adventure couple

Here’s why.

We’ve been on the road now almost four months. We drove and camped across the country, rode mountain bikes in North Dakota, learned to dive on rebreathers in Minnesota and sailed and water skied on Lake Erie in Ohio. We then flew to Mexico to lead dive and snorkel trips in the big blue with big whale sharks for a month and barely escape the destructive forces of Hurricane Ernesto. We stayed in a huge villa and partied like rock stars, then moved into a small apartment in a local Mexican neighborhood and ate achiote chicken till we simply couldn’t anymore. We returned to the US and drove south to dodge yet another hurricane, this one called Isaac in the panhandle of Florida while researching and searching for a house to buy and learning the art of running on brand new barefoot shoes. We continued south to the southernmost point in the country at Key West still searching for property while encountering thousands of motorcycles at bike week. We explored the mangroves on our friend’s boat in Key Largo and pulled a dead pygmy sperm whale out of the water with the local Marine Mammal Rescue unit.

In the meantime, we are putting together new dive trips for our company, filling the trips we have on the books and continuing to plan and prep for our year around the world expedition. Along the way, we’re managing the rental of our home in Montana while monitoring the valley wildfires and figuring out just what we do want to be when we grow up.

Whew. We’re beat. Time to stop. Smell some roses. Take a bubble bath. Wax my eyebrows. Re-group. Give ourselves a break.

On a day when you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and simply spent, sit down and take stock. Write down all the things you’ve done over the past week, month, half year and really take a look at it. Is the overwhelm for the right reason? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Sometimes the overwhelm is a good and satisfied one for me but sometimes I realize I’ve exhausted myself simply spinning wheels….or plates. In that case I need to course correct. But the first need is to re-charge. Here are 50 ideas of ways to re-charge.

  1. Take a long quiet walk
  2. Phone a friend
  3. Dig around in your garden
  4. Take a long, hot bath
  5. Read a fictional novel front to back for the entire day
  6. Think
  7. Eliminate noise
  8. Ride a bike in a peaceful place
  9. Do yoga
  10. Engage in your favorite hobby
  11. Stretch
  12. Pamper your body with a spa day
  13. Be by yourself for a whole day
  14. Ignore email, telephone, Facebook, Facetime, and your crackberry
  15. Sit by the water
  16. Take your camera out into nature and concentrate on shooting pictures.
  17. Write about how you feel
  18. Write about nothing
  19. Write a poem
  20. Take a nap without guilt
  21. Do a fun project that’s been in the back of your head.
  22. Don’t worry about ANYTHING for a day
  23. Eat your favorite comfort food
  24. Run
  25. Phone your mother
  26. Clean your closets
  27. Lie out in the sun
  28. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  29. Put flowers in every room in your house
  30. Have a movie marathon day
  31. Pick out cloud formations
  32. Play rockband
  33. Help a friend
  34. Play with a dog…any dog
  35. Float in a swimming pool
  36. Roll down a hill
  37. Reminisce with your family
  38. Let go
  39. Write a letter to a friend
  40. Write a letter to yourself about how to relax and mail it to yourself
  41. Kiss and hug your husband/wife/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend
  42. Tell someone you love them
  43. Do something nice for someone for no reason
  44. Think about what your next adventure will be and lose yourself in researching it
  45. Drink lots of water
  46. Smell some flowers – literally
  47. Go to your favorite museum
  48. Go to the ballet
  49. Listen to your favorite music with no distractions
  50. Breathe.


the adventure couple

Watch the sunset or sunrise

the adventure coupl

Play with a dog!

the adventure couple

pamper yourself with a spa day

the adventure couple

Engage in your favorite hobby till everything is “okay”

What’s your favorite way to re-charge?

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