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Scuba with us in Bonaire this November, 2011!!

Bonaire SCUBA Sampler Do you want to: Do some great diving with a fun group of people? Hone your dive skills under the supervision of top instructors? Finish up a diving certification? Get a great deal on a vacation? Have a once in a lifetime adventure? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, […]

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Great Summer Dive Getaway- St. Vincent and Young Island

Summer Getaway- Young Island, St. Vincent Young Island, the dive and party place of the jet set will be OURS this August 6th-13th as we launch a James Bond style takeover of the floating sensation, the Coconut Bar. Before the fall rolls around, soccer practice starts and your evening computer programing class sucks you in…..get […]

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Whale Sharks of Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Swimming with Senor Big! The largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark, is also one of the most docile.  I can’t imagine any other multiple ton animal that I would swim two feet in front of.  What I mean is that I ‘ve been so close that I could reach out and stick my […]

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Why Manta Rays Rock or….What’s Your Favorite Marine Critter?

What is your favorite marine critter and why? For Mantagirl, it’s….well…manta rays of course!!! Why? I’ll explain, but first there seems to be a lot of confusion over different species of rays. Let me try to clear that up. The three rays you are most likely to see snorkeling or diving in tropical oceans are […]

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Top Five Tips for Your First Scuba Diving Adventure

Always wanted to try scuba diving or had a poor first experience?  Read on! Yesterday on Facebook, a friend named Jennifer commented on one of my photos.  She mentioned that she had tried scuba diving but had a bad experience.  This made me very sad.  But it was also not the first time I had […]

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Budget, Luxury, or Value Traveler….How do you allocate funds for Travel?

Isla Mujeres Hotel

What Matters Most to You? We all travel differently.  Mainly because we value different things.  Where do you put your emphasis?  How do you spend the dollars that you’ve allotted for your vacation?  It’s something to think about and plan for.  Perhaps if you put less dollars into getting there you could stay longer.  Or […]

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Stay Safe by Staying Educated on Poisonous Marine Life

poisonous marine life

Complacency is Easy When we travel and dive all over the world without incident, we tend towards complacency.  After awhile we don’t think emergencies are going to happen.  I learned yesterday how important it is to stay sharp and educated.  Because “sharp” is what I found. After 7500 scuba dives and 24 years as a […]

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There’s something about tradition….something comforting, something satisfying.  It’s a feel good moment that you’ve carried on something important into the future.  It’s a way of belonging. I thought about tradition yesterday as I sailed through Boka Bay.  Boka Bay is a picturesque fjord that winds its way from the bottom of the Adriatic Sea to […]

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Dare To Live

adventure lifestyle

Ibiza.  International party town, home of foam and rave and all night discos. A town where a store named, “Just a fucking store” really isn’t out of place.  But today, I arrived at 8:00am on my ship and with departure at 3:00pm I won’t be privy to the nocturnal charade.  Just as well, that’s not […]

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A pizza, a pitcher of mussels and cultural bias

Adventure Lifestyle

No matter how much you travel you can’t help but bring your cultural bias with you.  I don’t mean bias as in mine is better than yours, I mean that the footprint of your own culture is always the basis of what you think. Today we went out for lunch.  As is quite common of […]

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