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Finding Rooms in Cuba- How to Make the Simple, Complicao

Perhaps you are already thinking what a weird piece.  You are wondering first about the possible typo in the title and then about the title itself.  However, Complicao is a very precisely chosen word and in fact, not a typo at all.  It is the Cuban shortened form of complicado, complicated in Spanish. Complicao, in […]

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Where in the World Are We, How the Hell do We Afford It and What’s Up with the Houses?

Part I – How the Hell Do we Afford It? My sister once shyly asked me, “Carin, how do you afford your lifestyle?” We’ve never really been a family that talked about money so I know she had a hard time asking, but I was happy to explain. Our plan is quite simple actually (and […]

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Shaking up the Snow Globe

Now, it’s not that I didn’t like the snow, or the way it fell, but it was the same snow day after day and I realized that what I needed was not to change the snow, I just needed to shake the globe again.”

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Yellow Rocks of Bali

scuba diving bali

Yellow Rocks of Bali (Shore diving Bonaire style on the North Coast) On the island of Bonaire, more than 60 yellow rocks along the roadside point the way to easy to access shore diving sites.  It’s one of the things that makes the island stand out in the minds of divers worldwide.  These iconic dive […]

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Where in the World Are We? Mid-Year Update

Where’s Waldo… always comes to mind when I begin writing a “Where in the World are we?” post because the character Waldo is often elusive, something we often are ..often so much so that we can’t seem to find ourselves. I know I’m perpetually lost…and I love it. This is why I do recaps. It […]

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Harvesting Seaweed in Bali

Today I harvested seaweed. Yep, seaweed, it seems a good alternative to fishing and provides a needed food source throughout the world, mainly in Asia. Seaweed is also used in cosmetics and in the production of agar.   To its credit, seaweed farming is labor intensive (good for jobs) and uses little technology making it […]

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Hard Road or Easy Street?

First, let me explain our absence from the blog. It’s been more than a month since my last post (forgive me Father for I have sinned?). I won’t apologize for it because when we’re not writing we’re gaining incredible insight on life through travel…which, of course is what we write about. So in that case, […]

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See The USA…in your Chevrolet, What to see in the USA

Drive across the USA

See the USA….in your Chevrolet Or a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the Hemi 5.7, it doesn’t matter…. but I always thought the tune was catchy…. While our travels have taken us around and around the world,  last week they took us just 1200 miles away from home, a short jaunt over to Nebraska […]

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My First Time…….Underwater

I was messaging with a friend of mine after my last post went up (5 Responsibilities of a Certified Diver). He told me he was going to recommend my blog to his new Open Water class tonight. So we started talking about how cool it was to be an instructor and watch students take their […]

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Five Responsibilities of a Certified Scuba Diver

certified diver responsibility

  The issue of responsibility has certainly been my kick lately and I’m really not sure what brought it up, probably listening to people shirk responsibility in everything. No longer is a traveler responsible for anything that happens when they travel. Blame it on the travel agent. No longer is a parent responsible for his […]

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