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Hard Road or Easy Street?

First, let me explain our absence from the blog. It’s been more than a month since my last post (forgive me Father for I have sinned?). I won’t apologize for it because when we’re not writing we’re gaining incredible insight on life through travel…which, of course is what we write about. So in that case, […]

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Fear of Flying – Confessions of a World Traveler and Helpful Hints

adventure couple

First and foremost you must trust and believe everything will be okay. You have to allow yourself to have faith in the professionals who are in charge. Just as you are a professional in your job and you know how to do your job, you must have the same faith in others. If you don’t, then don’t get on the plane. Seriously.

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When love turns to obsession

I’m truly beginning to scare myself. My every waking moment is spent buried in this obsession. What I once simply loved has truly taken over me. I still like to blame my parents as they started me traveling at a young age. By age 10 I had explored Europe and the Caribbean, and the love […]

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See The USA…in your Chevrolet, What to see in the USA

Drive across the USA

See the USA….in your Chevrolet Or a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the Hemi 5.7, it doesn’t matter…. but I always thought the tune was catchy…. While our travels have taken us around and around the world,  last week they took us just 1200 miles away from home, a short jaunt over to Nebraska […]

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My First Time…….Underwater

I was messaging with a friend of mine after my last post went up (5 Responsibilities of a Certified Diver). He told me he was going to recommend my blog to his new Open Water class tonight. So we started talking about how cool it was to be an instructor and watch students take their […]

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Five Responsibilities of a Certified Scuba Diver

certified diver responsibility

  The issue of responsibility has certainly been my kick lately and I’m really not sure what brought it up, probably listening to people shirk responsibility in everything. No longer is a traveler responsible for anything that happens when they travel. Blame it on the travel agent. No longer is a parent responsible for his […]

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia ~ Perhaps the World’s Best Diving

“A truly fantastic diving experience . I have never been anywhere else that rivals the health of these reefs and the amazing diversity of marine life on every dive. It is a bit of a haul to get to Papua but it is more than worth the effort and a photographers dream. As always all […]

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Loving Current Diving ~Bonus~ Down Currents

I have been reminded by a few people that in my series on Loving Current Diving, I neglected to talk about down currents. Neglected would be the appropriate word. I chose not to talk about them for a simple reason. They can be scary! The idea behind the series is to help people love on […]

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SPECIAL DEAL ON A HOUSING FOR A POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA! We are now NAUTICAM dealers! Are you interested in taking pictures underwater with your digital point and shoot camera? Email to get the details on this special deal for this housing! If you would like to house your point and shoot style camera and use […]

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Loving Current Diving ~ Part IV

  Welcome to the last installment of Loving Current Diving!   On our last dive adventure we had a number of divers who kept asking us to take them to dive sites without current. What I realized was that they simply had not been taught the skills. There are no specialty courses for learning to […]

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