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Anita Unplugged

I’ve decided to go walkabout. Here are some essential things I’m taking with me. My middle name.  Is it an alter ego?  Do I have a secret life? Naw, it’s just that my Spanish speaking friends find it easier and seem to like it and once I looked at it as the endearment of Ana […]

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Where in the World Are We, How the Hell do We Afford It and What’s Up with the Houses?

Part I – How the Hell Do we Afford It? My sister once shyly asked me, “Carin, how do you afford your lifestyle?” We’ve never really been a family that talked about money so I know she had a hard time asking, but I was happy to explain. Our plan is quite simple actually (and […]

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Around the World, Making A Dream Come True

So, today we returned from the most astonishing journey of our life…a 26 day, around the world odyssey by private jet. It was a job that we were sought out to do. I hadn’t really given it much thought about how it came about until this morning.

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Muck Diving in the Philippines ~ Photos of Wild and Wooly Creatures in the Sea

All Macro. All the Time. My First Muck Dive We were first introduced to the concept of muck diving way back in 1996 during a trip to remote Papua New Guinea. It didn’t sound very appealing to me, I’ll admit. I had a vision of low vis and well….muck… slimy, ooey-gooey, harbor sludge. What fun […]

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See The USA…in your Chevrolet, What to see in the USA

Drive across the USA

See the USA….in your Chevrolet Or a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the Hemi 5.7, it doesn’t matter…. but I always thought the tune was catchy…. While our travels have taken us around and around the world,  last week they took us just 1200 miles away from home, a short jaunt over to Nebraska […]

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Hating Mondays ~ What a Bad Rap

the adventure couple

  I feel Mondays get a bad rap. Poor Monday. The word itself, Monday, has come to mean more than just a day of the week, it’s become synonymous with something we dread, shun and despise. Even if it’s not Monday but it’s the beginning of a workweek, we hear, “Ugghh, It’s my Monday”. Monday […]

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My First Time…….Underwater

I was messaging with a friend of mine after my last post went up (5 Responsibilities of a Certified Diver). He told me he was going to recommend my blog to his new Open Water class tonight. So we started talking about how cool it was to be an instructor and watch students take their […]

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Five Responsibilities of a Certified Scuba Diver

certified diver responsibility

  The issue of responsibility has certainly been my kick lately and I’m really not sure what brought it up, probably listening to people shirk responsibility in everything. No longer is a traveler responsible for anything that happens when they travel. Blame it on the travel agent. No longer is a parent responsible for his […]

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia ~ Perhaps the World’s Best Diving

“A truly fantastic diving experience . I have never been anywhere else that rivals the health of these reefs and the amazing diversity of marine life on every dive. It is a bit of a haul to get to Papua but it is more than worth the effort and a photographers dream. As always all […]

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Loving Current Diving ~Bonus~ Down Currents

I have been reminded by a few people that in my series on Loving Current Diving, I neglected to talk about down currents. Neglected would be the appropriate word. I chose not to talk about them for a simple reason. They can be scary! The idea behind the series is to help people love on […]

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