Simultaneous Summits??

And you thought Mantagirl was “simply diving” No, she too, is climbing mountains and today, she summited the highest peak in ALL OF the Netherlands!!!!!!

Ok, yeah, yeah, we all know that the Netherlands is basically underwater so how high is that frightfully dangerous peak???? about 887 meters (2910.1 feet) and on the island of Saba. Ok, so it wasn’t THAT impressive but I thought I would honor Sharkman by summiting on the same day he was making his bid on Lobuche East. Word from SummitClimb yesterday was that they made the high camp and were pushing for the summit today. No word on the summit yet.

For me, however, the trek was intense and fraught with peril. First, I risked a DCS hit by exercising after diving AND going to 2910 feet. Then the deadly snakes came slithering by on the trail (ok, well they’re not poisonous but hell, it makes for a better story) The summit was clouded over and the wind whipped to and fro threatening to blow me off the top plunging to depths I can’t even fathom. (ok, there was about a 10 knot wind, get off my back!) Finally a rabid, quadra-ped tried to rip me to shreds as I made my way to safety back at lower elevation (ok, so this billy goat was totally scared and I basically helped him down off the mountain, don’t patronize me, this is MY story).

So perhaps today, Ridlon and I made simultaneous summits, I don’t really know, but here is the photo of me on the summit of Mt. Scenery looking over the ….well, fog but the Caribbean is down there somewhere! And ok, it’s not a great photo, but Hell it’s a self portrait, stop bugging me!!!!

Have an awesome day and keep living the dreams!!!

Oops, the photo didn’t post, check out my next post Mantagirl on the Summit of Mt. Scenery for the photo

3 Responses to Simultaneous Summits??

  1. Anonymous May 18, 2009 at 3:23 pm #

    Hey, too funny! Sounds like Moonshine was more treacherous! Weather here has been great!

    Talk soon!

  2. Anonymous May 16, 2009 at 4:53 pm #

    Love the story, have fun in Saba. We had fog and rain for our 4 days in Ireland last week. Our fingers are crossed for Sharkman big adventure to the summit being successful. Love, L&L


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