Sharkman on his way to the top

I have never heard such excitement in Sharkman’s words as I did IMing him last night! He left the second highest internet cafe in the world at about 15,500 ft. Today he is off into the ice and snow to “play” on the glacier and then summit Lobuche East at 20,160 feet on the 15th. From there they will head back down a bit and over to Island Peak to summit there at 20,305 ft! Here are some memorable quotes from our conversation last night.

“really more than i was expecting but i don’t think this is truly fathomable until you experience. the sense of space is difficult to describe because the scale is so huge”

“we were walking past a huge mountain yesterday and I asked Karma Sherpa what its name was and he said “No name, just a rock”
6000M peaks here are so ubiquitous that many of them are simply numbered, like they don’t deserve a name”

“yes, my mantra is Focus, Safety, Beauty, Joy. i am going to repeat it as i climb”

He has been blessed and wears his string of red prayer beads as he climbs….onward to the top and to the dream, Ridlon….

He will be out of touch until May 22nd. Keep him in your thoughts!

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  1. Anonymous May 10, 2009 at 7:26 pm #

    I have known both Carin and Ridlon for so many years that I am embarased to mention them.
    I wish him the best on this endeavour and am sooo impressed. If only I was younger!!!!

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