Shaking up the Snow Globe

I heard a fantastic analogy yesterday that I wanted to share. Some friends of ours recently made a change in their life and here is how she explained it to me.

“You know, Carin”, my friend Beth began….”here is what I realized. I think about life inside a snow globe” Immediately I was intrigued thinking about living inside a never changing bubble.   “At first, it’s snowing inside the globe and everything is exciting and the snow is falling all around. Then eventually, the snow settles. Now, it’s not that I didn’t like the snow, or the way it fell, but it was the same snow day after day and I realized that what I needed was not to change the snow, I just needed to shake the globe again.”

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That was a cool analogy! (pun intended)

But consciously, she wasn’t looking to shake it up, until the opportunity simply presented itself.

Beth and Rick’s children were grown. They had lived the past 25 years in a great neighborhood outside of Denver which they enjoyed. Rick had recently “changed lanes”, his euphemism for sort of retiring (which I LOVE). So everything was great.

Then they took a five week road trip across the west. And one day, they drove into Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They checked into the local resort and were stunned by the beauty of the lake. They decided to explore the area more and one evening after having a fantastic dinner out on a floating restaurant on the lake, they asked the boat driver for the name of a realtor. Then they kind of looked at each other and said, “hmmm, do you think we could live here?”

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There was no plan to move, no discontent with life. But suddenly they both realized that perhaps it was time to shake up the snow in the globe.

Within a year they had bought a lot, built a home and moved in. Last weekend we visited Beth and Rick. While they have always been upbeat, fun and positive people, now they were bubbling over with their new town, their new friends and the shake up in their lives.


The four of us explored new brew pubs, restaurants, kayaked on the lake, drove through neighborhoods, and explored as much of the area as we could in the short time we were there. We came away thrilled for our friends whose lives changed “just for the hell of it”.

Sometimes we become content and it’s good. But sometimes we become content in a way that stagnates us, even though we don’t really realize it. Sometimes life is good but if we were to simply pick up the globe and shake the snow a bit, life becomes amazing.

Is it time to shake the globe?



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