Scuba News Flash- Where did the fun go?

Breaking Scuba News! The fun seems to have drained from the scuba cylinders!

His Holiness the Dalai Lama once said, “The purpose of life is to be happy” and I like to take it a step farther and say, “and have fun”. Yes, I know that, “times are hard” that “the economy is down” and other truisms about our current “situation”. My ingrained Protestant work ethic program is in over-drive these days to correct the problem, to be sure that every moment of every day is spent doing something “productive”……I get it. BUT….what about the FUN????? Can’t we “work hard” AND have fun at the same time?

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Upsidedown over fun...Let's put it BACK IN THE DIVE INDUSTRY

I Searched at the Long Beach Scuba Show….No Luck!

Last weekend I was in Los Angeles at the annual Long Beach Scuba Show. This is a consumer show where the dive equipment manufacturers, resort destinations, marine jewelry makers, photographers, painters, gadget makers and destination tourism boards all come together for two days. Inside the convention center, they sit in 10 x 10 boxes and pass out brochures with glossy pictures of why their dive resort, gear, or gadget is better, cheaper, more luxurious than the guy down the road. Thousands of eager scuba divers come to see what’s new, gather more of the same old glossy photos, try to find the free schwag and show off their own world knowledge of the dive world by sporting t-shirts from far away lands. It was “trade show as usual” in Long Beach. It was ad nauseam from the last show in New York and it will be the same in Tacoma this weekend as the scuba show season makes its final curtain call for 2010.

Scuba News Flash – Is the FUN in the Dive Shops?

So….my question here is, WHERE DID THE FUN GO????? It reminded me of walking into any one of a gazillion dive shops in the world. You walk in, see a bunch of gear hanging on racks, masks on the wall and a white board over the desk with a list of upcoming classes and oh…by the way (yawn) we’re running a trip to Cozumel next month if you don’t have to wash your hair and you want to come with us.

Is the fun anywhere in the Dive Industry?

I ask the dive industry…WHERE’S THE FUN???? WHERE IS THE SIZZLE?? If I’m a diver and I’m looking for a vacation destination and I walk over to your booth and you hand me a brochure and say, “oh, here’s our show special, love to have you come down to our resort” how does that make you different from any other destination? Why Fiji instead of the Maldives or Tahiti or the Caribbean??? I want to hear your music, see your culture, understand why the diving is different. I want to smell the ocean, feel the tropical breeze. I want to leave the show DREAMING of your resort not dreading sitting at my desk thumbing through brochures and trying to figure out which Caribbean island is the cheapest for my trip. I want to go home saying, “By hook or by crook, I’m going to figure out a way to afford to go to Fiji this year because WOW, what a place!!!!! I want to go home smelling like coconut!!!

Dive industry….I’m putting out a challenge to you… all of us….to make diving FUN again. Don’t sell your price…SELL YOUR DESTINATION! Gear manufacturer, don’t just tell me that your new travel BCD is 4.2 lbs, show me the gear having fun in Hawaii. Dive shops, pump the coconut smell through your shops, lead with the “sexy” of scuba, let’s get this industry rockin and rollin and DIVING again!

One of the greatest things about diving is the fact that we GET TO TRAVEL THE WORLD to do it. It’s NOT a schlep to get to Palau, it’s FUN!

Scuba News Flash: Fun First! Let’s do it Together!

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Dancing on the dock, putting the fun back in dive travel!

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night dives bring out our fun, crazy divers!

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Mantagirl and Abbey with our tootsie roll pops in Sipadan

Through diving, I have had amazing opportunities to experience the world and so can others. When you come on a Global Diving Adventure, the first thing you pack is your “happy diving attitude”. We crank up the tunes every morning before the dives, bring the fish books and the M&M’s and make vacation FUN!!!! Let’s make the dive industry the FUN industry again! THAT’S how we grow the industry, the LIFESTYLE, that we all love.

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