Saba SCUBA Diving Adventure, Day 4

SCUBA dive Saba

Relaxation? Yes.

Saba SCUBA Diving Adventure, Day 4

Zen and the art of SCUBA diving and a hot tub with a view.

Once we don SCUBA gear and stick our heads under the water, we’re all explorers again.  One of the things I love the most about what I do is getting to see people experience this change.  It’s like when people go diving, someone sprinkles a little pixie dust on them.

We had two GREAT dives today in Saba Marine Park – part because they were very cool dives and part because of what people made them.  Our second dive at Tent Reef was just that.  As I looked over at Kristi, I could see she was getting into the zone – she was just Zenning out.  Perfect buoyancy, minimal air consumption, chilling out and just checking everything out.  It was the perfect dive for it – great visibility, little current, warm water and tons of fish and sea life everywhere.  Everybody else was hitting their zone too.  Dives like that are just a blast.  And we saw a ton of stuff including one overhang that was just packed with snapper, grouper, grunt, jacks, a cloud of fairy basslets and even a juvenile queen angelfish.

SCUBA diving SabaVacation is also about relaxation and Saba and Queens Garden Resort is turning out to be the perfect place.  Leroy asked, “How do you find these places” and I have to admit that it’s my incredible wife Carin that often does.  She just has this knack for being able to find cool places.  Upscale, boutique & unique.  In this case, it’s a hot tub with a view – or more precisely, hot tub suites with a view.  There’s a big movie room so we’re having a movie night! There’s a pool with a view and the outdoor bar area with the huge white couches is a real winner.  We had to pry Gordon off the couch last night to get him to dinner.

True to Saba fashion, one restaurant hosted dinner last night and it was the weekly BBQ at Swinging Doors – aptly named because the front has (you guessed it) saloon like swinging doors.  It also has a nice outdoor patio where our table was awaiting.  Big plates full of BBQ ribs, chicken, peas and rice and potato salad – all home made – were washed down by a few Presidentes.  Everybody’s sleeping good tonight.  See ya tomorrow.

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SCUBA diving Saba

Fun times at Swinging Doors

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