Saba SCUBA Diving Adventure, Day 3

Scuba dive Saba

Lots of life on the reef

Saba SCUBA Diving Adventure, Day 3

Two sweet dives today!  We dove one of the pinnacles at Third Encounter and Tent Reef which we had done as the previous nights dive.  You can follow along by checking out a complete layout of Saba’s dive sites.  Also you can click on the individual dives for more info.  One of the things that sets Saba diving apart are its deeper pinnacles.  These typically start from 80’-100’.  The dive plan is to descend down the mooring line directly to the top of the pinnacle.  It works out well because we are diving nitrox so while we are limited to a depth of 111’, we get an extended bottom time mostly hanging out on the top of the pinnacle at about 90’.  The top of Third Encounter is rich – it’s a healthy case study in what much of the reefs in the Caribbean would have once looked like.  The top of the pinnacle is prime real estate and heavily contested by different hard corals, soft corals and rich sponge life.  The water is clear and totally calm and despite the depth, bright and blazingly colorful.  The top is buzzing with fish – a large school of creole wrasse are being constantly harassed by a much larger black jack.  Hefty yellow fin and Nassau grouper show me that overfishing hasn’t visited this place.  The photographers are blasting away, getting every shot they can and everyone else is hovering around the spectacle.

Tent Reef is the polar opposite yet every bit as interesting.  The top reef flat – a field of waving sea fans – is only 15’ deep and a very mild current washes over things.  Off the edge of the reef is a vertical drop down to about 60’ and this mini wall is totally painted in colorful, Picasso like sponges.  We just slowly drift along the wall, checking it all out.  This is chillin’ diving at its best.

Scuba dive Saba

The gang at Brigadoon

Tonight we head out to Brigadoon for happy hour, a presentation on the Saba marine park and Saba’s history and undoubtedly more fresh, line-caught yellow fin tuna.  Saba is like a small, mid-western town where everybody knows everybody else – and their business – and locals know who is passing by just listening to the sound of their car!  Rather than try and compete with each other over a small group of visitors, each night of the week is “hosted” by one of the restaurants and includes things like a talk on the Saba marine park, a BBQ cookout or a slideshow on the cloud forest – one of the few in the entire Caribbean.  Tonight, Lynn who is the owner of Sea Saba is going to give us a slideshow on Saba’s marine park, underwater sights and unique history.  Enjoy your happy hour wherever you are!

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