Did You Put Joy on Your List Today?

My friend, Jennifer Boykin, is in the process of writing a new manifesto. This piece is going to be on “Joy”. I don’t know the exact outline of the manuscript yet but knowing Jennifer, it will be a thoughtful treatise on the subject.

She asked me to be on her advisory board for her manifesto. I thought, “Yes, an advisory board for joy”, what a great idea. We all need more joy.

Pondering Joy

So I began to ponder how much I truly stop and experience the joy that flows towards me in life. Criss crossing the planet, I’ve discovered innumerable places to find, share and experience joy. In fact, it’s one of the greatest reasons to live an adventurous life, or any life…..to experience the sheer “joy” of living.

But lately, I don’t think I’ve been taking advantage of the influx of joy. Sometimes life becomes too hectic for joy….and that’s inherently wrong.

Think about how many opportunities for joy have presented themselves to you in just the last week. When joy popped in for a visit did you welcome her in the door or did you brush her aside because you had more pressing issues?

This past week, there were definitely pressing issues around the next adventure, things falling into place and things falling out of place. I’ve stressed and paced and worried. Then I realized that it’s silly to pace and stress, I just needed to figure it out; choose and move (time to practice what I preach). And I did. Then I let go of it.

And joy set in. How wonderful.


And I had a eureka. I realized that I build joy into my life. I mean I purposefully (though maybe subconsciously) build joy into my life. That everything I plan, every adventure of everyday is meant to bring joy into life. The key is to slow down and “EN” joy the joy that’s been built.

It’s really a simple two step process.

1. Build joy into life.

2. Enjoy the joy.

Are you doing both?

 Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

I’ve made a career and a life out of crafting number one, but then I’m on to crafting the next “number one” and I don’t spend enough time in the number two phase which of course, was the whole purpose of the number one phase!!

The past three months Sharkman and I have been on the road with four goals.

  • Find adventure on the road while our home is rented.
  • Take people on a great adventure in Mexico.
  • Find a second home.
  • Connect with family and friends.

And while we’ve been doing these four things, I’ve been working to plan what’s next and sometimes not stopping to simply live in the moment and the joy that was built into this plan.

And the greatest joy of all these past months has been the connections with family and friends. It’s been an amazing summer of being touched by the lives of so many people we’ve missed for so long. Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts and reconnected with us. You are wonderful, beautiful friends and family.

You have brought incredible joy to us this summer. In fact, I think I’ll call it just that, The Summer of Joy so I’ll never forget the reconnections we’ve experienced.

Thanks Jennifer for reminding me about joy. Now I am reminding everyone I know and everyone I can touch.

What joy have you experienced recently?

To You in Joyous-ness!



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