New Impressions of an old friend. Discovering Rangiroa

Hello Adventurer! Visiting for the first time? Check out what it’s all about. You’re also invited to sign up for the most exciting newsletter on the planet. Welcome! Travel can take on many different forms.  Some travel with backpacks across continents staying in hostels on the cheap.  They meet travelers like themselves from across the […]

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Shaking up the Snow Globe

Now, it’s not that I didn’t like the snow, or the way it fell, but it was the same snow day after day and I realized that what I needed was not to change the snow, I just needed to shake the globe again.”

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What I have learned in 17 Trips to Cuba about Cubans

   Cuba is the hottest topic going these days.  The island is in the news daily and things are changing quicker than I can change my orientation speech to each new group of travelers I take there.  Many journalists, anchormen, talk show hosts and food writers have made the foray in the past few months, […]

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The Beautiful and Bizarre: Underwater Philippines

Philippines scuba diving

Underwater Philippines: Striking images from our recent trip.                              

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Yellow Rocks of Bali

scuba diving bali

Yellow Rocks of Bali (Shore diving Bonaire style on the North Coast) On the island of Bonaire, more than 60 yellow rocks along the roadside point the way to easy to access shore diving sites.  It’s one of the things that makes the island stand out in the minds of divers worldwide.  These iconic dive […]

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Misogi: Learning to do the impossible


The idea of Misogi is to take on a challenge that radically expands your sense of what is possible.  What began as an ancient Shinto myth-story that included self purification after a champion’s return from the underworld is now practiced by world class athletes and business visionaries to create truly massive change.  Misogi is on […]

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A Snake (as opposed to) A Fish Story

Then, Aldo, pointed to a very large stack of dead wood up ahead and we motored towards it with anticipation of surprise. All of a sudden Aldo yelled and jumped off the boat into the downfall, almost landing in the water. At the same time as he jumped, he reached down and grabbed something in the water. Then he looked up in surprise as his eyes became much larger than his tiny 5’5” frame.

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Around the World, Making A Dream Come True

So, today we returned from the most astonishing journey of our life…a 26 day, around the world odyssey by private jet. It was a job that we were sought out to do. I hadn’t really given it much thought about how it came about until this morning.

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How we got paid to live on a Mexican island for 10 days. (and flew there for free)

Lifestyle Design

We receive a lot of emails from people who wonder how we live like we live and are able to do what we do. How is it that we have an adventurous life and travel at will? This detailed post will reveal some of our best secrets and show you the details. Stay with me, […]

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Where in the World Are We? Mid-Year Update

Where’s Waldo… always comes to mind when I begin writing a “Where in the World are we?” post because the character Waldo is often elusive, something we often are ..often so much so that we can’t seem to find ourselves. I know I’m perpetually lost…and I love it. This is why I do recaps. It […]

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