Outside Magazine’s Adventure Grant ~ May the Hearse Be With You

Outside Magazine announced a $10,000 adventure grant

to fund a creative and slightly wacky project. So, just throw that carrot out to us and we’re all in!  And…since you have all been following our “buy a hearse” adventure on our blog and on FB, you know that we have just the right wacky adventure to pull this off for the magazine!

Here’s the idea in a nutshell.

  1. Buy a hearse (okay, wacky in itself!)
  2. Paint flames on the hood (a must!)
  3. Ship it to Australia (??????)
  4. Drive it across the outback (yep, the WORST overlanding vehicle in the world)
  5. Use it as a conveyance service…..meaning….pick up and deliver stuff for people way out in the middle of nowhere who could use a little assistance.
  6. See some kangaroos and emus, drink a VB (Victoria Bitter beer)
  7. See some outrageous scenery.
  8. Get some really nifty new adventure blog ideas
  9. Hang out in Oz
  10. Celebrate the success of the Trans Oz Herse Expedition by doing some great scuba diving off the west coast (of course).

When we make it to the finals, it’s a voting contest on Outside On Line’s Facebook page. We’ll keep you posted on where to go and vote.

That’s it! So without further ado, for your Saturday morning video entertainment…..

Here is our wacked out plan in video form.

Would LOVE your feedback on the vid! Scroll down and leave a comment!


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