Most Accidents Happen at Home…Another Reason to ADVENTURE!

I am making a play for Adventure (aren’t I ALWAYS!), for traveling away from home and experiencing the magic of the world. And how am I going to do it? I’m going to SCARE you into it! HA!


Every year, nearly 20,000 people die and 21 million medical visits are needed due to home accidents in the United States, says the U.S. Home Safety Council.


Here are six of the top accidents waiting to happen in your home.

 1. Cutting yourself with a knife. 150 people stab themselves every day while trying to open a jar or a packaged meal with a knife!

2. Slamming fingers in doors/windows. 30,000 people are rushed to the US Emergency rooms each year with an amputated finger and one of the top reasons is slamming them in doors!


Scared Yet? Ready to run away from home?  Here’s more!

falls are the biggest culprit in home accidents

3. Falling down the stairs. More people end up in the US Emergency rooms because of fall related injuries than from any other cause.

 4. Getting burned while cooking. 60,000 people are hospitalized every year with burn related injuries and cooking is one of most hazardous.


Wow, I don’t know about you, but I’m packing my bags RIGHT NOW. Ready for the last two?

hmmmm, safer to go adventuring huh?

 5. Falling out of windows (really??). According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of young children are killed or injured from falling out of windows every year.

 6. Electrocution. About 1000 people die each year from this.


Of course you can argue that the reason this happens is because most people spend most of their time at home and these numbers also include children. And you would probably be right. I’m simply making the point that staying home is not a safer way to live life. Get out and experience the world. Don’t let FEAR stop you from life.


What on earth made me think of this? The irony of a situation that happened last week. In 2009, Ridlon climbed and summited the 6th highest peak in the world at 26,906’ as well as two 20,000’ mountains in the Himalayas. Last month we summited Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19, 341’. Not a scratch on him! Last Friday he ran up the stairs in the dark and slammed his foot into the couch. Result? Spiral fracture of the middle toe!


I’m convinced!!! It’s safer out of the house… I’m leaving and going traveling…..I’m going “out there” where I don’t have to fear for my life……I just hope I don’t slam my fingers in the door on the way out!


To Your Adventures!


That's it, I'm OUTTA here!


PS: Big thanks to George at the Norco Inc. in Hamilton, MT. George hooked us up with a great boot for Ridlon’s foot and I promised him a link in my blog. If you live in the northwest and need safety supplies for welding, medical, or industrial gas, check ‘em out! Norco

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One Response to Most Accidents Happen at Home…Another Reason to ADVENTURE!

  1. George Borgen December 12, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    That was awesome….I truely agree. there is no safer place then the wild wild outdoors. Thanks for the mention. Norco will alway be there for you when you get home….thanks again. George.

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