Mantagirl Back from Borneo – Check this out!

Mantagirl has returned from Borneo changed. “Asia has me in its grips”. I fell in love with the country above and below the ocean. Above the water, I had four magical days exploring the Kinabatangan river in eastern Sabah. With my guide and driver we picked our way up minute tributaries searching for birds, monkeys, apes and snakes. And oh my, the python in the tree hanging over the water was exceptional! My guide literally had to pull me back into the boat as I crept a bit too close for his comfort! (Mom, don’t read that part). Orangutans perched above the remote lodge silently watching gave me pause. It’s a place to take slowly so you don’t miss the owl in the tree or the diving kingfisher.
It’s an early morning place, watching the rising sun dance off the muddy river and the proboscis monkeys leaving the riverside for their daily feeding grounds. It’s a nighttime place to watch fireflies cling to one particular tree and light it up like every night is Christmas. It’s a place of wonder and awe and magic. It’s also a place of snakes and crocodiles thus adding an element of cautionary excitement! I think I’ll just make a quick swing through the US to pick up Sharkman and head back.. He’s GOT to see this!

And if YOU want to see it, join us on our Malaysian Odyssey in October 2009.

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