Let’s Dive Malaysia

I am re-posting the Malaysia dive video due to renewed interest in this expedition. There are still a few spaces left and NEW LOW AIRFARES have people talking and booking! Here is a short 4 minute preview from my trip in November (remember its web quality!). From tornadoes of barracuda to tiny orangutan crabs, Mabul/Sipadan HAS IT ALL!!! Please enjoy the video responsibly (no drooling, no running off to pack, no beating your fist against the wall because you have to go to work tomorrow). We’ll be expecting to hear from you! Email Dawna at flyingfish@globaldiveexpeditions.com.

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One Response to Let’s Dive Malaysia

  1. 1Earth February 27, 2009 at 6:04 am #

    Hiya Manta Girl – when you’re there, do look into what progress is being made with the shark finning.

    In Jan some people posted people finning sharks on Mabul and it’s been getting quite a bit of attention from the dive community.

    Local authorities seem to have taken note, but they also said the public ‘blew things out of proportion’.

    Perhaps you can do some casual follow-up during your upcoming trip.

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