La Nina is Coming…Quick…GET TO COCOS

La Nina is coming, La Nina is coming….QUICK get to Cocos!!!!

As predicted, the El Nina that normally follow El Nino is happening! AND that means great news for Cocos Island diving….let me explain.

Typically when an El Nino happens, temperatures in the waters off Costa Rica and Cocos Island warm.  This causes the schooling hammerhead sharks to drop into deeper murkier waters.  This was the case during our site inspection trip of last March.  We knew this to be the case and expected less than stellar hammerhead sitings.  We could see the sharks, they were definitely there but down deep and out in the murk.  That was the bad news.  The good news was that I was toasty in my wetsuit all week.


La Nina is happening right now and is predicted to continue through the beginning of 2011.  This means that water temperatures will drop below normal and the hammerheads will come shallow and abundant.  I am so excited that I just had to post this….look at all the capital letters and exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a testimonial from a guest who was there just two weeks ago (reprinted from undersea hunter website)

“Cocos is back to it’s old glory!!! There were large schools of hammers at several sites and we had one of the best trips ever!!

After many trips to Cocos since my first trip in 1988, I was worried that the best days of Cocos were behind us….not after this trip!! 50-70 Hammers at a time, schools of 20 + on the back side of Manuelita, large Galapagos Shark and Tiger Shark in the channel and on the night dives!

Dolphins hunting at Dirty Rock, Tigers at Manuelita, great cleaning action at Alcyone!! It’s all here!

Best boat, great crew, excellent service, and great dive guides…..I’ll be back again!”

Oh, yeah…did I mention that we have a full boat charter to Cocos January 18th??????

I have a LITTLE space left.  If you are planning to do Cocos as some point in your life, THIS may be the banner year!!!

Here is the article I just read from Cocos (reprinted from Undersea Hunter) regarding La Nina and the link to NOAA’s article on the same.  Let’s go see us some sharks!!!!!!

“The newest ENSO update was just released, and as evidenced by the incredible diving in Cocos, La Nina continued to gain strength through August.

The data gathered in the month of August offers some clues to the ultimate strength of this La Nina, as well as how long we can expect it to last.

The decreasing sea surface temperatures, as well as the increase in convection in key areas, lend strength to NOAA’s conclusions that “the peak strength of this event will be at least moderate to strong”.

With action heating up on the Island, and La Nina in full swing, the question is how strong and how long is this La Nina? The latest projections claim that it will remain through early 2011.

The next update will be out next month. Make sure to check back for next month’s update, and to read the ENSO update in its entirety please click the link below. “

La Nina is Coming!

Mantagirl and Sharkman!!  See you in Cocos!

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