Jim Fowler, the Wolf and I

Sometimes we are rewarded for living a life of adventure “out there”. And while living a life of passion has it’s own reward in the ability to stand in your greatness (see the greatness puzzle) on occasion we are able to stand and share in the glory of someone else’s.

This can happen at ECAD. ECAD is the Explorers Club Annual Members Dinner hosted at the Waldorf Astoria every Spring in New York City. The club is a who’s who gathering of great world adventurers and explorers. The ultimate melting pot of the curious. It’s an extraordinary event featuring infamous exotic appetizers like rose hipped tarantulas, snake and grubs of various sorts to unimaginable first hand accounts of tales from the likes of Neil Armstrong and Walter Cronkite. It’s a time to celebrate great explorations and share glimpses into the future of exploration through exploits of young and upcoming adventurers.

Explorers Club

North American are my favorite species of cricket, especially with jelly


Explorers Club

Ridlon eating crickets at ECAD


And then there’s Jim. There’s always Jim. Jim Fowler.

Jim Fowler

Ridlon, Jim Fowler and I


Jim stepped into his greatness back in the days of the TV show, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Beginning all the way back in 1963, while Marlin Perkins took us on great adventures the globe over to study wild animals in their natural habitat, Jim was always out in bush somewhere, always in the thick of it. Truly in his passion with the animals.

Now, every year at ECAD, Jim brings camels and falcons and giraffes and other wildly exotic animals into the grand ballroom of the exquisite Waldorf. He mesmerizes us with beautiful creatures from across the globe and educates us. It’s enthralling.

And then one year Jim showed up with a stunning male wolf. It stopped my heart. I wanted nothing more than to experience life with these animals as Jim Fowler does. He drips with his passion. I went backstage after the dinner to talk with him. Not only did Jim amaze me with his compassion for animals but he recognized a kindred spirit and we talked for an hour about the state of the world’s animals both above and below the water. He then walked over and placed an eight week old wolf pup in my arms. It was an experience of a lifetime. This tiny wild creature lay there completely at ease sucking the life out of my pinky finger. I was completely smitten with this little canine. (don’t have a photo, damn)


Holding this little spec of a wolf was a great moment living a life of adventure and sharing it within the halo of Jim Fowler’s passion was extraordinary. Thanks Jim.


To Your Adventures!




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