Importance of Nutrition When You Travel

OK, so you’ve waited all year for this vacation only to get sick once you’re there, on the way there or after you get back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this over the years. It really came home to me though on my recent expedition to Nepal where most of my teammates came down with some kind of ailment – flu, gastrointestinal, mild altitude sickness, etc. I was one of the few that didn’t. I was even more surprised when another climber told me that 1/3 of all the people that come to climb Everest never attempt the summit because of some kind of illness. Imagine that! And its no coincidence. Nobody eats like a saint, most of us are at least a little stressed and it gets worse leading up to a vacation. A few years ago, Carin & I realized that if we were going to continue to lead our adventure active lifestyle, we were going to have to do more to support our health – and that’s how we started using USANA products – and man have we seen a big difference; including not being sick for the last three years running despite everything we do and all our travels. We love these products so much, we sell them. Really, do something good for yourself & your health and check this out. And check out this enclosed article. Very informative. Enjoy.

An article published in the British Journal of Nutrition summarizes the roles of select vitamins and trace elements in immune function. Adequate intakes of micronutrients are required for the immune system to function efficiently. Micronutrient deficiency suppresses immunity by affecting antibody responses, leading to imbalances in the immune system. This situation increases susceptibility to infections, which increases disease and death risk. In addition, infections aggravate micronutrient deficiencies by reducing nutrient intake, increasing losses, and interfering with utilization by altering metabolic pathways. Inadequate intakes of micronutrients are common in people with eating disorders, smokers (active and passive), individuals with chronic alcohol abuse, certain diseases, during pregnancy and lactation, and in the elderly.

Micronutrients contribute to the body’s natural defenses on three levels by supporting physical barriers (skin/mucosa), cellular immunity, and antibody production. Vitamins A, C, E, and the mineral zinc assist in enhancing the skin barrier function. Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and folic acid, and the minerals iron, zinc, copper and selenium work synergistically to support the protective activities of the immune cells. Finally, all these micronutrients, with the exception of vitamin C and iron, are essential for the production of antibodies.

Overall, inadequate intake and status of these vitamins and minerals may lead to a suppressed immune system, which increases the risk of infections and aggravates malnutrition. Therefore, supplementation with a multivitamin that includes these micronutrients can support the body’s natural defense system by enhancing all three levels of immunity.

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