If Hallmark can Declare Mother’s Day, I want to Declare A Day Too

Mother’s Day, a Hallmark original. Coming up tomorrow, don’t forget.

Kind of like Sweetie’s Day and Grandfather’s Day and oh, don’t forget to send a card because it’s Hallmark’s “Take Out the Trash Day”.

And since we have become so ruthless in marketing, it’s now not just “okay” to send a card on a day made up by Hallmark but now you also have to buy your sweetie a Lexus or you are a schmuck.

So I figure if Hallmark can designate a day, why can’t I? So here it is.

the adventure couple

International Comment and Share a Blog Day!

We love the fact that so many people are reading our blogs. We hear from you by email and on Facebook. But the best way to learn about adventure is for all of YOU to be interacting.

The Adventure Couple site is a platform for adventurers to come and interact, to talk about adventure, to share information about places and happenings. To dream and help each other make those dreams come true.

Our posts are here to help you find the path to adventure, to put the ladder on the right wall, to help you figure out how to finance the life you want, to find the backroads of life, to celebrate YOUR happiness!

So on International Comment and Share a Blog Day here is grand plan.

  1.  Go to the link below
  2.  Read and scroll to the bottom.
  3.  Make a comment!!! Comment on a comment, I’ll even start! If you just write “nice post” or “sucky post” (well, hopefully not!) that’s okay, but hopefully you’ll use the brilliant part of your brain to say something other people will want to read and comment on.
  4.  Next, be sure to enter your email to subscribe to get “adventure” in your inbox when we share our world rocking posts.
  5.  Now, share the link to this post with a friend, or two, or your whole distribution chain.

 Start here! Click on the link to this blog post.

Bring the Gift of Adventure to someone today!

And to thank you….when you comment this weekend, we will support Hallmark and send you a lovely card…..promise…watch for it in your inbox!

And….when we reach 5000 subscribers we’re going to do something REALLY outrageous….ha……not telling……

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