Hating Mondays ~ What a Bad Rap


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I feel Mondays get a bad rap. Poor Monday. The word itself, Monday, has come to mean more than just a day of the week, it’s become synonymous with something we dread, shun and despise. Even if it’s not Monday but it’s the beginning of a workweek, we hear, “Ugghh, It’s my Monday”. Monday would definitely be picked last for sides on the baseball team. We could call Monday, Tuesday, but that’s not really the point here is it? That wouldn’t change anything, that’s just semantics.

 Imagine Hating an Entire Decade?

So let’s look at it this way. Out of every seven days, one is called Monday. If we hate every Monday and live to be 70 years old, we’ve hated 10 years, an ENTIRE decade of our lives. Wow, that puts it into perspective.

So I got into this discussion on Facebook the other day and when I explained my “hating a decade of your life” theory the responses I got were quite interesting. The first was…

“Says the girl who is currently traveling the world, having lots of adventures. Trade ya places!”

 Followed by:

“Wait… Carin is on a world-wide adventure, telling the working world to enjoy their Mondays?! Umm… I have a paper-cut too, maybe you would like to come squeeze some lemon juice in it while you’re at it?!?!”


My first response was to get ANGRY

They are MAD at me for living my dream? They are TICKED that I don’t hate Mondays? They are PISSED OFF that I am not spending a decade of my life being miserable? Wow…


Then I became SAD

Sad because every day is a choice. Every day WE CHOOSE how to react to what comes along in life and how to spend the day. No, not every day is going to be exactly a dream day and not everything is going to work perfectly in our favor. But why START the day behind the eight ball just because it’s the beginning of the workweek, because it’s called Monday?

Then I realized we needed to become PROACTIVE.

If we hate every Monday then perhaps it’s because we hate what we DO on Monday. So DO something else on Monday. Like Fridays? Probably, yet we work on Friday as well…. So, maybe we should do what we normally do on Friday on Monday? That was the idea behind Monday Night Football. Give people something to look forward to on Monday (ok, and make more money for the network). Or if you hate Monday because you hate your job, change it.

I chose to live an adventurous life. Is it easy? No, but for me it’s a better alternative to Monday – Friday. Do I have a weekly paycheck to look forward to? No. Do I have retirement benefits or health benefits? No. I choose it because it satisfies my soul, the bank account I have to figure out as I go. Is it stressful? Of course. Do I have bad days? Certainly. Is it right for everyone? No. But I’m discovering what’s right for me.

Do I hate every Monday?

Absolutely not. Do I hope others hate every Monday? No way…I hope, sincerely HOPE that everyone can LOVE every day of their lives, because we can’t get them back.

Please, please, please, let’s stop giving Monday’s a bad rap. Let’s change our attitude or our actions, or both, on Monday. Let’s stop hating ten years of our lives….. Let’s decide to choose Monday on our side first for baseball for once.

TGIT, Thank God It’s Today!


To Your Adventures,



the adventure couple

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