Gratitude for Freedom. A Tribute to Everyone’s Independence Day

Freedom to Adventure

This is a post about being grateful and proud to live in a country where our freedoms are not only upheld but are the foundation on which our country stands. And because of them, we are free to adventure.

A couple of years ago, I produced the short video below, What is Adventure? In it, I interviewed men in Tibet. These were not Tibetan men. Tibetan men, we know have absolutely no freedom to adventure.

The men I spoke to were from free countries around the world like Germany, USA, Canada and Sweden. Men whose countries have long since fought and won for their rights of free speech, religion, and choice. These particular men were getting ready to attempt to summit the 6th highest mountain in the world. These men were free to pursue their dreams. Yet it was a bit ironic, now that I think about it, that they were exercising their rights of freedom to climb in a country that is anything but.

One of the men I interviewed was from Germany. He talked about when he was young and did not have the freedom to explore the planet, stuck as he was behind the iron curtain. He explained how he traveled illegally to satisfy his need for exploration until the wall came down and he could travel as he wished.

And I thought of those men on the 4th of July, on the Independence Day of the USA and I contemplated the difficulties of not having freedoms like the men in Tibet or in East Germany back in the day.

We are Grateful

Our ability to adventure as well as promote adventure and speak freely about living a more adventurous life can only be satisfied if we live in a country where our freedoms are honored. We make the assumption, when we publish information that everyone has the ability to make the choice. Certainly, not everyone does.

So today, Sharkman and I are expressing our gratitude for the freedoms we have to pass through most countries easily with our blue passports, to speak as we wish and to encourage others in pursuit of their dreams.

And We Are Hopeful

We are hopeful for a day when all the world will be able to speak freely, to travel freely, and to make their own choices about how they wish to lead their lives and teach their children.

Today, as we watched the red, white and blue flags flying on the bicycles of the children in the parade, we realized that being grateful for our freedoms was not enough. That we have an obligation to exercise them. Generations of men and women fought and gave their lives so that we, today, may have the privilege to explore the planet.

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who continue to keep us safe and free. And while we are citizens of the world, we are proud to be Americans and grateful for the freedoms this country stands for.

Do you have dreams standing in the wings? Do you live in a country that has the prerogative to travel and choose? Are you not taking advantage of your freedoms to pursue your passion?

The adventure couple

Happy Independence Day America!

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