Finding Balance in Life….Or Not

The idea of finding balance in life crowds pages of self help books, dominates magazine articles and sucks up hours of day time talk shows. They purport that once you find balance, you will be happy. Balance your career with your family, your work with your play, your up time with your down time. Even it all out and you will be satisfied with life.

I’m simply not buying it.

When I think of balance, I remember being a first grader on the seesaw. When my friend and I balanced on the seesaw and we were both just a couple feet off the ground we were bored. But when one of us was high in the air, a bit terrified and screaming, “Mr. Brown, let me down!” we were living a six year old’s life on the edge and were thrilled. When the other one was sitting on the ground, we knew that soon we too would be up there with the wind in our hair, on cloud nine.

As I got older, I became a gymnast. I worked long hours on the balance beam. When was I the most excited about being on the balance beam? When I was off balance and hoping to stay on while performing a trick I had never done before. Walking perfectly balanced across that 4” piece of wood did nothing for me.

When people tell me they have good balance in their lives, my first thought is, “how boring”. To me, balance is ho hum, status quo. I didn’t come into life looking for mediocrity. I’d rather risk and enjoy the thrill of it all, win or lose, than be scared to be off balance. Don’t walk down the middle of the road in life, step out on the edge and don’t look back. Precariously teetering on the rim is exhausting but exhilarating. You’ll live high and fall hard but you’ll know you are alive.

To Your Adventures!


Life on the edge

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