Expedition Truk Lagoon

Operation Hailstone happened February 17-18, 1944 in Truk Lagoon in the Federated States of Micronesia. The US Navy launched a massive naval air and surface attack on Japanese naval and air bases. The result is over 40 dive site of Japanese merchant ships and a few planes. It is considered the MacDaddy of wreck diving in the entire world. You can swim through many of the structures, wiggle down into engine rooms, cruise through galleys, hospital rooms, bathrooms and more. Even if you are “not into wrecks” trust us, you will be by the time you leave Truk. This underwater shipyard is a marine life oasis on a sandy bottom. The soft corals and fish life that has taken up resi-dence here is also staggering.

Truk Lagoon Facts

If you want cool things to do in Truk Lagoon, check out the next section. If you are looking for facts and figures, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truk_Lagoon

Truk is now officially called “Chuuk”.

The adventure life comes basically in diving in Truk. This location is a diver’s paradise with little land opportunities. Here are some of our favorite scuba diving in Truk Lagoon. “Maru” (meaning merchant vessel).

    1. Fujikawa Maru- The draws to this wreck are numerous including the abundant soft corals and fish life. As well, the stern and bow guns make great photo subjects and in hold #2 you’ll find Zero fighter planes….whoa!

    1. Hoki Maru- While the bridge and midships were destroyed but there is cool stuff in the holds including a steam roller, dump trucks, flat bed trucks and tractors. Stuff you’d never expect to be at 100 feet!

    1. Nippo Maru- This ship has the most photogenic bridges, helm and telegraph. On board is also a battle tank, light anti-tank guns and trucks.

    1. Shinkoku Maru- This is a very popular wreck because it’s very shallow so you can spend lots of time enjoying the immense amount of soft corals, anemones and other fish life this wreck has to offer with the superstructure at 40 feet and the deck at only 65. It has an errie sick bay with bottles still lined up on the shelves and a bow gun loaded with corals.

  1. San Francisco Maru- .One of the deepest dives in the lagoon, this dive should be done as a planned deco-dive with the superstructure at 150ft and the bottom at 200. Because of its depth it is one of the least dived and is often called the “million dollar wreck” because of all the stuff still on it like mines, torpedos, bombs, aircraft engines, trucks and tanks.
  2. Betty Bomber. If you start to jones for something besides ships, the Betty Bomber is a fun little plane in only 60ft of water. She’s in a few pieces but it’s fun to pick around the fuselage and get photos in the pilot seat!
  3. Pizion Reef. Diving in Truk lagoon is the pinnacle of wreck diving. Visibility in the lagoon averages 60-70 ft. It’s fun once during the week to get outside the lagoon and dive on a lovely reef with exceptional visibility and lots of sharks. It’s a nice mid-week change.

Truk Lagoon Seasonality

The best time to travel to Truk (Chuuk) is in the dry season between December and April. During the rainy season the heaviest rains tend to fall between July and October. Water temperature is a balmy 82-84 year round.


Sharkman and Mantagirl Give Truk Lagoon Diving 2 Fins UP

shark finShark Fin

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