Enjoying Life’s Mysteries ~ Each and Every Day

So today I figured out why I love diving so much..

I mean, of course, it’s the fish and the warm, blue water and all of that…but I think one of the best things is the mystery.

Each dive, we get in the boat for the stunning ride to the dive site. Then we pull up our wetsuits, check our tank pressure, spit in our masks (yes, I actually do still do that), strap on the fins, do a check with our buddy and fall backwards into the drink. And all of the time we are doing this, in the back of my mind is the anticipation of the unknown. What is going to greet us down there? Will it be a fast paced current ride with a gazillion fish? Will we discover one we haven’t seen yet? Will there be charismatic megafauna? It’s a surprise around every coral head…. Each and every dive has the potential to be the best one of my life…how could I not be excited about THAT each and every day?

Getting ready to explore

What awaits below?









And we’ve had great surprises for sure here in Raja Ampat, Indonesia the past three weeks. Yesterday we did some muck diving. Sounds pretty horrible doesn’t it? Well, muck diving, TRUE muck diving is spending a couple of hours skimming the bottom of a sandy bay(usually volcanic) for the wild weird critters that live there. Nowadays, I see people using the term to mean that they are going to take you to a crappy dive site and say it’s muck diving. Anyways, our muck dive yesterday was at the base of these gorgeous, jungle topped volcanic rocks dotting the sea. We never got past 30 feet but in the sand and muck we found sea horses, baby wobegong sharks, juvenile cuddlefish, a plethora of nudibranchs and shrimp and crabs. At every turn, nature shared incredible secrets!

beautiful spot for muck diving!


Shrimp goby in the muck











The second dive was called the Passage. Now in terms of finding cool fish, it was difficult in the ripping current, not really the point of this dive. But this dive was more for the ride. It was a literal river within the sea and we jumped in and flew across the bottom for an hour at close to three knots. Eventually the “river” spit us out into a large bay where we poked around in the coral. Since it was a different environment, we found different fish and new ones we hadn’t seen here before. We spend hours pouring over the fish books most every evening.

Today, we went to a dive site we’ve been to at least eight times. However, each day the same dive site can produce completely different mysteries. Today the hoards of fish were SO large, it was disorienting! Absolutely incredible.

My point ?

Approach each and every day with the attitude that life is a great mystery to be revealed. You can find mystery in everything you do, not just in diving. Take an attitude of curiosity in life, explore and wonder and participate in solving life’s puzzles. It makes each and every day special.

Enjoying the boat ride home from the dive









What will you discover today?

Discovering the Red Bird of Paradise

Never stop wondering!











To Your Adventures!


We spend hours in the fish books unraveling mysteries!


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