Email Action Alerts for Ocean Conservation

Ocean Conservation for BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Ocean Conservation Needed Now More Than Ever

Email Action Alerts for Ocean Conservation

Like a lot of us, I’ve been watching dramatic footage of the disaster in the Gulf – oil soaked beaches, dead wildlife and oil slicks spread across hundreds of square miles of ocean.  At times like this, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed because this is an unprecedented ecological disaster whose impacts we will not even fully know until we look back ten years from now.  And when we feel that the scope of a problem is so big that we can’t individually make a difference – we don’t.

Lets never forget that as imperfect as it is at times, we still live in a democracy and at least in theory, our voice counts as much as anyone else’s.  And it’s at a crucial time like this that we make our collective voices heard, if for no other reason, that we ensure that a disaster like this doesn’t happen again.

So how can we do that?  Have you ever heard of email action alerts?  The internet is the greatest communication tool in history and email is a huge piece of that.  Prior to email, if we wanted to voice an opinion to our elected representatives, we had to contact them or their office via mail or phone.  There was often little coordination to these efforts and individually, they were mostly ineffective.  Today, ocean conservation non profits do this same thing via email campaigns that are coordinated and highly effective.  If there is a piece of legislation or an issue like the gulf oil spill, the ocean conservation non profit sends out an email alerting everyone who has opted in that there is an issue that needs action.  You can then log onto the organizations website and there is usually a premade letter ready to email to the correct office or official.  You can edit the letter as you see fit and then send it with the click of a mouse.  The entire process takes minutes.

Using this process, individuals just like you and I have been able to weigh in by the tens and hundreds of thousands on key issues regarding the health of the Ocean and make significant change to policies that were detrimental to Ocean health.  Imagine the effect of a representative’s office getting 100,000 comments on an issue.  I can not impress on you the importance, ease of use and incredible effectiveness of these email campaigns.

So, ready to help with Ocean Conservation?

All you need to do is go to one or more of these websites and sign up for their email alerts.  Some of them deal with more than just marine issues and will let you choose what kind of alerts you want.  Click through now and make a difference. – Oceana – Defenders of Wildlife – National Resources Defense Council

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