Diving it Differently

Diving it Differently


Today we dived a site we’ve dived a couple of times before. It’s called Mike’s Point. It’s a beautiful place and each time I dive there, I am awed once again at this amazing blue planet we live on. I marvel at the diversity below. I know there are over 22,000 known species of fish but on a more basic level can you possibly imagine designing and coloring all the different fish on the reef. Mind boggling!!!!


The site is a very small rock island about as big as a house.  Normally there’s a pretty good current running around the island so we drop down to about 75 feet and hang out in long whip corals. It’s like being in a field of wheat, sort of. Then we go around the island in a counter clockwise direction. There is a deep cut and a large school of yellow and black striped fish with big lips called Sweetlips hang out here. We follow a steep wall covered in orange, purple and pink fluffy soft corals and end up on the backside of the island outside of the current, in fields of staghorn coral. Staghorn coral resembles deer antler all stuck together by the thousands with brilliantly blue and pale green little fish darting in and out. It’s really stunning.

Sweetlips at Mike's Point Dive Site










On this day, however, the tides were different and we had very little current. So we decided to dive it differently. We dropped down to the whip corals, then headed clockwise to find beautiful ledges filled with soft corals. Then we headed up into the shallows on the front of the reef about 30 feet above the cut with the sweetlips. There we found a large school of barracuda sitting statuesque off the reef and a large sea turtle munching away on a purple and white soft coral. Above us gazillions of small fish school while large jack fish (who I call the bullies of the reef) patrol and make runs through the schools to catch a quick snack. The soft coral gardens are a kaleidoscope of color and the light perfectly reflected their absolute best. We stayed tucked in next to the island and were rewarded with one of the most beautiful dive sites I’ve ever seen. Incredibly healthy corals and herds of fish were a delight.

Incredible soft corals!










So often when I dive, I find analogies between diving and life. Today, I learned that while the path you normally take is often beautiful, surprises await when you “dive it differently” or take another route. While my morning commute means a turn around the dive site, most people’s commute is a turn around the city. Try a different route today! See what you might notice that you’ve never noticed before. Turn left instead of turning right. You might find your favorite tree in bloom just around a different bend or a park you’ve never seen or even less traffic!! Who knows?


I came back with a whole new appreciation for an already gorgeous dive site. Just when you think life can’t get any better….maybe it can!!! Give it a go!


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Mantagirl with the locals!

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