Divide and Conquer

Sometimes the best way is to divide and conquer. While it didn’t seem to work for General Custer, Ridlon and I have made it a practiced art.

Mantagirl is still in Maine at Documentary Film School. It’s been an intensive learning environment and while not as daring as a dive expedition, it has certainly been an adventure. This weekend she will do more than navigate the world of film, she will steer her way through 3 days off the coast on an early 20th century schooner. What could be more challenging than shooting a documentary of fathers and sons working through relational conflicts while plying the waters of America’s north Atlantic? It will be an adventure this “weekend with the boys!”. Stay tuned on this one!

Meanwhile, Sharkman continues to push the envelope of high adventure stalking peak after peak in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains in training for his return to Nepal and debut in Tibet. This week a 15 hour 1 day trek took him to two of the range’s highest peaks. “Trail….what trail???” was his response to my question of their routing. 6 hours of bushwacking and enough mosquitos to bring on fear  of Malaria even at 46 degrees latitude sounded like his kind of day…….

Don’t forget to add the RSS feed from this blog site to get the latest, as we closely follow Ridlon’s next Himalayan expedition beginning the first week of September. Armchairing this adventure is a great way to stay warm and dry this fall. Let Sharkman take on the summit at 26,000 ft!!

Safe Adventuring Out There!

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