Defiance in Japan, first dolphin kill at Taiji

I don’t normally repost information but I felt this was very important for all to know.


To: Members in “The Cove” – Save Japan Dolphins
Defiance In Japan — first dolphin kill at Taiji

Message from RIC O’BARRY

It’s with a heavy heart that I write today’s post. The Japanese government remains defiant and has allowed the first dolphin kill of this season at Taiji. A group of 15 Risso’s dolphins was brutally killed and taken to the slaughterhouse.

I can’t tell you how angry this makes me. And I know it makes you angry, too. Many of you will be frustrated, but I don’t want you to lose hope. I am more convinced than ever that our campaign to generate worldwide pressure for an end to the slaughter is right and must succeed.

We must be vigilant and turn up the heat. The Japanese government’s defiance must not be allowed to stand.

Change does not happen overnight, and we have only just started to get the word out to the Japanese people.

We are working to keep people on the ground in Taiji to monitor the Cove and report back to the world. Take a look at this video done by one of our dedicated volunteers, Leilani Münter:

We are also ramping up efforts with our Japanese distributor to get thousands of copies of the Japanese version of THE COVE into the hands of the Japanese public. The Japanese people themselves can end the slaughter, especially if the Japan government can no longer hide the killing from them.

One of our volunteers in Tokyo recently interviewed several people about THE COVE and the dolphin slaughter – she found all of them had now heard about the issue, quite a change from just a few months ago when nobody knew anything about the dolphin hunts.

US President Barack Obama is going to Japan in November. We are moving quickly to get him and his administration to urge attention to this matter. We’ll provide more details on this in the days ahead.

If you can donate to help this work continue, it is most appreciated. Go to:

Check out our blog for more details of the Save Japan Dolphin Day activities on October 14th and other updates.

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